The Traveling Island Girl has been in existence for less than a month, so imagine my surprise when I get an alert that The Traveling Island Girl’s blog has been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.

I’m ecstatic, honored, nervous, deliriously happy but above all else I am truly thankful to my sister blogger Saskia at Pieces of Bliss. Thank you for the nomination.

pieces of bliss

Pieces of Bliss was created to inspire and to urge you to enjoy the precious moments in life with those who are really important to you; your family, friends or simply you, yourself and you. This blog was created to inspire  and that is what it does for me everyday. To Saskia and my fellow Pieces of Bliss contributors: Keep inspiring. Keep doing that little magic that you do. Keep writing.

Ok now that we got the Thank You’s out of the way what is the VBA?
The VBA is awarded to bloggers who blog on variety of subjects, while maintaining quality content.


Staying true to the VBA regulations, I now need to share 7 little things about me:

  1. I was born on the island of Curaçao and have lived for almost a decade in The Netherlands before realizing that I’m an island girl through and through. That’s when I moved to St. Maarten.
  2. Unlike popular believe I did not move to St. Maarten because of my husband. I moved alone to an island I’ve only visited a few times before and where I had to start back from scratch. The husband came after 😉
  3. I am the stereotypical island girl: I love watermelon and chicken.
  4. I’m a Netflix junkie.
  5. I cannot sleep unless there is at least one dog and a cat in the bedroom with me, much to my husband’s annoyance.
  6. I secretly wish I could live somewhere else for 6 months out of the year.
  7. I used to be the president of the Menudo fan club in Curaçao. Yes, I was a die-hard Menudo fan. And if you ever repeat this I will have to kill you.

Now for 15 blogs I devotedly check daily and thus nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award:

  • How 2 Travel – Rachel and  are super hilarious. Check out their site and youtube channel
  • Border Free Travels – Kristen is by far one of my favorite persons to follow on Instagram. And it’s not only because Border Free Travels is worth the follow but she lives on my third most favorite island in the world: Nantucket
  • The Road les Traveled – Lesley turns in her love for love for travel. This fierce blond used to be on The Bachelor  and now takes readers to far away exotic destinations. Her blog is full of adventure and passion
  • Legal Nomads – Former lawyer making her way through the world one destination and delicious meal at the time
  • Tuna Melts my Heart – My day is not complete without a post from Tuna
  • Travelettes – The reason I started blogging
  • Girl Eat World – Melissa is just awesome and her posts on food and travel are fantastic
  • The Blonde Abroad – L-O-V-E this blog
  • Miss Everywhere – Another one of my personal favorites
  • Travel Rumors – A Dutch blog by the duo Daniëlle and Martijn
  • Crazy Travelista – Another travel obsessed blogger to follow
  • Beauty by Lee – Just because she is so darn gorgeous
  • Foolproof Living – I just love her and her blog. It’s Perfection.
  • I Love my Island Life – Last but most certainly not least I love My Island Life is a collection of blogs written by islanders on and off St. Maarten. It is the other cool island living blog to follow.

To all who have been nominated: Good Luck.

Much love,



    • Amelia, I read one of your blogs and fell in love. We share so much of the same sentiment. Kindred spirits. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to reading yours whenever I see another alert email coming in.

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