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In the valley called Cripple Gate just when you’re coming down the hill from Marigot, capital of French St. Martin lies this little house. It’s bright, it’s cheery, and it’s definitely colorful. Some say it is where Santa resides whenever he is on the friendly island. Others say it is where he has his Caribbean workshop. The truth is it is the residence of Madame Monique, a generous islander who for the past 30 years or so has been opening her doors to complete strangers during the holidays. She turns her house into a true Christmas House. Every corner is decorated, no rooms are spared and all stops are pulled to make the decor even more elaborate then the previous year.

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Lady Christmas herself, Madame Monique

I briefly spoke to Madame Monique or Lady Christmas as I like to call her. There was one thing that was on my mind the moment I stepped onto the property. How does she accomplish all of this every year? Surely the whole of French St. Martin must be lending a helping hand. The answer will suprise you. According to Lady Christmas she along with three family members (this is not a typo. I did say three, as in uno, dos, TRES) decorate the house every year. They start from the month of September and work all the way through to beginning of December when they open their doors to the public. Best of all, this is done out of the goodness of her heart and there is no charge. Donations are welcome but that is entirely up to each visitor. So this year give a gift that keeps on giving. Visit the Christmas House and leave a small donation. Let’s make sure this Christmas tradition never dies. Merry Christmas all.

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All is bright at the Christmas house
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Visitors enjoying the decor
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This is definitely Le Maison du Père Noël
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Must get a picture with Mama Claus
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Santa is coming to town
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Merry Christmas!

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