St. Maarten Abandoned

I’ve always been fascinated by ruins and abandoned buildings. From a very young age I used go around my birth island of Curaçao, in search of ruins of what once were majestical places. To me these buildings or rather what is left of them, represent what once was and could one day be again. They hold memories of eras long gone. Some represent ancient evil like slavery, abuse and even murder. However, I choose to only see the beauty in these old buildings and I choose to hope that one day they will be restored to their former glory.

So I set off in search of St. Maarten’s past, husband in tow. It took some convincing but he relented and joined me in my quest. What follows is a beautiful photo series I want to introduce to my blog: St. Maarten Abandoned. I hope you enjoy it.

Old Front street home
Still standing after numerous hurricanes
Old home on Front street
An old house stands steady on Front street in Philipsburg. Proof that homes were built so much stronger back then.

The party villa

Remnants of a party villa
What remains today of what once was a party villa. Rumours have it that the couple who once inhabited this place killed each other over a jealous fit.
Remains of a party villa
Entrance to the lower level
Remains of a party villa
What was once a sitting room
Remains of a prty villa
Beautiful arches
Remains of a party villa
This was probably the master bath and bedroom. A beautiful balcony used to allow for one of the island’s best views.
Little Guana Bay home
If these walls could talk I would ask them what happy memories they hold
Little Guana Bay home
A veranda where the inhabitants once sat and sipped tea in the mornings. Just imagine how beautiful it must have been back then.
Little Guana Bay home
A charming little house stands slowly decaying

Ruins of a Oyster Pons hotel lobby

What remains today of the lobby of a Oyster Pond hotel
Remains of what must have been a gorgeous hotel lobby back in the day
Ruins of a resort in Oyster Bay
What remains today of the lobby of a resort in Oyster Bay
Ruins of an old Oyster Bay Resort
Hallway to the “chambres” or rooms in this once chic resort in Oyster Bay



  1. Caribchris Reply

    Went to many a party at that hotel in Oyster Pond. Interesting how the photos almost look like they were taken with black and white film.

    • You must tell me about those parties. Do you have any photos of what it looked like then?

  2. Great series. Love that green house on Front Street. It sits diagonally across the street from my late Great Aunt’s house. Every year I feel a sense of relief when I see that it’s still standing and hasn’t been torn down to put up something newer and more modern. Look forward to the rest of the series.

    • Thank Jennifer. I saw a for sale sign on it and am itching to but it and restore it. It’s prime location but I do hope whoever buys it doesn’t knock it down. It’s been through massive hurricanes and is still standing. Let’s hope it can withstand its next challenge: corporate greed.

  3. This is so eerily beautiful – I love abandoned places on my rock too. Though some have energy that creeps me out at times. Great post. 🙂

  4. I am excited about this series! I hope you do La Belle Creole– I visited there a couple weeks ago and it’s the coolest ruin on the island, in my opinion. Today I took a friend to what’s left of the ruins near Mullet Bay; not so creepy but still interesting. There are so many abandoned places here, and I love how you’re taking us inside them and giving a new perspective!

    • Girl, I almost went through some rotten stairs trying to get the perfect shot. Anything for my blog. But it’s a fun past time and my husband knows so much about what they used to be. It nice to hear him talk about his experiences as a kid at some of these now abandoned places. I already scouted Belle Creole and it is on my list. Probably going to be in part 3 or 4.

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