Graffiti has long been considered a “bad thing” mainly because of words like vandalism and property defacement. Hip Hop helped bringing it to the mainstream, spinning people’s views and opinions of it from a negative to a positive. It is now referred to as Street Art and is even used to beautify or add character to neighborhoods.

Scribbles, simple words or complete wall paintings done by spray paint and marker pens have become works of art communicating underlying social and political issues or artistic expressions done by talented street artists. A phenomenon that today is still frowned upon by authorities and that has spurred much controversy over what is considered art and what is vandalism.

I am irrevocably and unapologetically in love with street art and everywhere I dwell I go searching for these masterpieces. Sometimes they are found in unexpected places, other times whole streets are dedicated to it, like for instance the Graffiti Alley in Toronto, a street where street artists from all over the world have at one point left their mark. Graffiti Alley has fast become a tourist attraction where common mortals like myself can stand awestruck amidst pieces of art.

This is Chasing Murals the T Dot Edition.


Where should I chase murals next? Comment below with suggestions.

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