My fascination with urban decay continues with part two of my new photo series, St. Maarten Abandoned.

These photos were all taken on the French side of the island where most of the abandoned buildings are found today. Charming buildings that were once upon a time undoubtedly beautiful jewels in the middle of the center of town, now stand here slowly deteriorating into nothingness yet still somehow maintaining their majestic stature.

house in the country
In the middle of French Quarter this old home stands. A memory of times past.
House in the county closeup
All shuttered up in case of a storm
Blue shutters
Blue shutter
White house in the woods
Trough the trees my eyes caught this beauty. Alone it stands against rain, the harsh sun and it’s biggest enemy of all: Time.

The house with the blue door

Majestic French creole
By far the most majestic of all

Old French CreoleThe old yellow houseOld Grand Case charmThe graffiti doorShip Ahoy

room with a view
Room with a view. Part of the shell that now remains but what was once a seaside hotel.

IndistructableIndistructable too

Look out for part three of St. Maarten Abandoned.

If you know of an abandoned building on St. Maarten that should be included in this series of photographs, contact me.



  1. That’s so cool. I’m a huge fan of “urban decay” and didn’t know it had a name till I read this. Although on the one day I was in St Maarten I didn’t see anything specific (wrote about my trip on the blog yesterday) in general I find the whole idea of “urban decay” very intriguing and have over the years photographed it.

  2. French Law is very different regarding property ownership and that transfer of ownership when the owner dies or abandons the property. It is very difficult and sometimes expensive to establish rightful ownership of survivors.

  3. Sylvie Lawson Reply

    I unfortunately do not find any charms in those decaying buildings! It is pretty sad! Yes Marigot and the french side used to be the jewel of the Caribbean! Helas Corrupt government and stupid policy did hurt so much this island,uncontrolled immigration, lazy people who just want a hand out and crimes ruined this beautiful area,how far down does it need to go before people react!!!!!!!!!!!! It hurts to see this downfall !


    • I agree to an extent, Sylvie. But I am one of few that still harbor hope for the future restorations of these beautiful buildings. I hope you do too. Thank you for your comment.

  4. We are here now for the 5 time and are reading your post. Would love to know the locations so we could check them out. There are so many half built and abandoned here. Always wondering who owns them and why someone doesn’t buy them and fix them up. Thank you!

    • Hi Glam Goes Green, it is a question many have asked. I myself would love to buy at least one of them and rebuild it to its former glory. There is something beautiful in these old buildings. They tell stories of older days and give me hope that one day my beautiful St Maarten can rise again to what it once was.

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