Sometimes you just stumble onto fabulousness and that is exactly what happened to me one February afternoon while strolling the streets of Grand Case, French St. Martin. I had no idea this place existed and if it wasn’t for the cute little boutique selling the cutest Boho Chic apparel, I would probably not have noticed this little gem of a hotel to begin with.

Le Temps des Cerises or The Cherry Season is a new boutique hotel in the old fishing village of Grand Case that has been causing quite some whispers since its opening on December 17th of last year. It’s a charming little place with a boutique in the front, lounge, restaurant and bar in the middle and 9 gorgeously decorated rooms, all overlooking the crystal clear waters of Grand Case beach.

The food at the restaurant can best be described as modern French cuisine. I just call it superb. But if my words do not persuade you to give Le Temps des Cerises a try next time you are looking for a great Sunday beach hangout or a nice place to spend Easter Sunday and Monday (wink wink), than I am sure these 14 pictures will.

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And then there is this view.

Lunch is served in the restaurant or on the beach. Add a nice bottle of cole rosé and you got yourself the perfect lazy hangout.

Le Temps des Cerises Boutique Hotel, Beach, Restaurant and Bar is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located on Grand Case Boulevard.

*All opinions are my own and this post is unpaid and unsponsored. All photos are my own.

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  1. I will definitely check it out when I’m there in late May.

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