So you have booked a trip to the Caribbean and the day you have eagerly been awaiting is finally here. You pack your suitcase full of bikinis and cute little outfits, sandals and flip flops to match and add at the last minute you add another bottle of sunscreen just in case. After all the sun in the Caribbean can be brutal. You finally get there and lo and behold it’s raining and the forecast for the rest of the week doesn’t look so great either.

Don’t worry, gyal. Be happy. Do as the island people do. Relax yourself before you wreck yourself and enjoy your time here. I say it is better to be experiencing the rain in paradise then at home, am I right or am I right?

So what exactly is there to do in paradise when it’s raining?

Rainy St. Maarten day
Rainy St. Maarten

Head on to the Spa

Chances are there is one either in your resort or not too far from it. Book yourself a spa day, complete with facial, body wrap and hot stone massage. Some spas have jacuzzi’s and saunas. Go ahead, make a day of it and look out for rainy day specials.

Find out where the fête is

Fête is another word for party. Check with the front desk or your favorite restaurant waiter where the party is. Locals are always in the know of where to lime when it’s raining. Lime is the Caribbean word for going out or partying. Try to keep up here. The mantra in the Caribbean: There is always a reason to party and there is always a reason for rum. Rum by the way can be vodka, whiskey, gin, any type of alcohol really. The universal word for alcoholic beverages in the Caribbean is RUM, or at least it is here on St. Maarten. So check with your favorite local where you should go for a fun time. Make sure to have a designated diver or taxi on standby.

Stay in

You can always stay in and catch up on some reading, Netflix and chill or put on the “Do Not Disturb” sign and get groovy with your romantic partner. Order some champagne, strawberries and oysters and groove the night away. Don’t come out till the sun is shining again. Traveling alone or just with girlfriends? Order all the unhealthy stuff on the menu and “pig out”. You can always burn it off by playing some charades afterwards.

Too Fabulous to be Disturbed
Do Not Disturb

Shop till you drop

Shopping is a great way to cure that deep feeling of disappointment you’ve been suffering from ever since you saw the terrible weather forecast. Check for best places to shop. Here on St. Maarten it’s the Blue Mall or my personal favorite the the Mall of the West Indies on the French side. There are of course tons of cute little local stores in the downtown areas that you can browse in.

Mall of the West Indies
Mall of the West Indies

Unique indoor activity

Each island has its own unique indoor activity or activities you can experience. Here on St. Maarten you can make your own scent at the parfume workshop in Grand Case. Curaçao gives you the chance to paint your own “Chichi”or big sister, a sensual, well rounded Caribbean figure. There is a chocolate tour in the Bahamas and an awesome ice gallery in St. Thomas. The Caribbean is so much more than just sea, sand and sun.

Curaçao Chichi


Say what? Yes, you read it right. Go snorkeling and swimming. Visibility should not be hindered by just grey skies and a bit of rain unless there’s a storm in which case I advise you to keep your butt indoors. Here’s a local secret. Most locals love the beach when it’s raining. The water is warm, the beaches quiet and you can totally avoid getting sunburnt.


Get one of those poncho thingies, check with the local tour companies or taxis for a private island tour, grab you camera and go explore. See what the island has to offer. It would be shame to miss out on all the beauty just because of some rain drops and grey skies.

Eat, eat and eat

Give that food shack you saw on the way to the hotel a chance and try out some local cuisine or ask the front desk for restaurant recommendations. Take the time to enjoy some delicious food. It is not always that you get the chance to experience a restaurant meal with no interruptions of phone calls, text messages, Facebook updates or emails. You’re on vacation and that selfie you took of you and that giant lobster can surely wait to be uploaded later at the hotel.

Enjoy your time here in the Caribbean. Rain in paradise is still better than rain at home. Try to see the glass as half full. Besides it hardly rains all day long here anyway. You’ll have some showers here and there and the sun may even break out for a minute or two. Put aside your stress and worries and enjoy the rain island-style.

Live, Love and Travel.











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