You already know that my trip to DC last month was amazing and I hope my post “10 Must Do’s in DC and surrounding area”  and the post “Chasing Murals: the DC Edition” helped you with the planning of your next trip to Washington DC. Or perhaps my posts convinced you to stop making excuses and just take the trip. If so, mission accomplished! If not, here are some other photos I took during my visit to Washington DC and Alexandria, Virginia. I’m sure these will do the trick.

Postcards from DC

Cherry Blossoms

Probably the last few cherry blossoms still in bloom in DC by the time I got there

National Archives Building

Fresh tulips blooming outside of the National Archives Building on Pensylvania Avenue


Who wouldn’t want to stop for a “cuppa” here?

Elephant in the National Museum of Natural History

Welcome to the National Museum of Natural History

World War II Momerial

World War II Memorial floor plaque

The Lincoln Memorial

Climbing the stairs to the Lincoln Memorial

President Lincoln

Still one of my favorites in DC. It never seems to amaze me.

The Washington Monument

A unique view of the Washington Monument

The Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial through the cherry blossoms

A lone bench along the Tidal Basin

One lone bench on the path along the Tidal Basin


Martin luther King Memorial

Another favorite: the Martin Luther King Memorial

DC in bloom

DC in bloom


Arlington Cemetery

Beautiful flowers accompany the many graves at the Arlington Cemetery

The grave of Unknown Soldier

The unknown soldiers buried here are never alone

Arlington National Cemetery

Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington Cemetery

National Amphitheater at Arlington

National Amphitheater at Arlington National Cemetery

Georgetwon, DC

My favorite neighborhood in DC, Georgetwon

Postcards from Old Town Alexandria


A lone Saxophone player in front of the Old Town Theater


Free Rides on the King street trolley


Charming shopping streets


Amazing shopping


Alexandria Civil Hall



Hope you’ve enjoyed my Postcards from Washington DC and Old Town Alexandria. Feel free to comment below. Until the next blog post. Let me know what you want me to write about next.

Don’t forget to Live, Love and Travel,