Who would have thought that having your own bar would be this much fun. Besides meeting new people everyday, and chatting all day long I also get to indulge in my other favorite pastime: drinking. Now, before you look up the closest AA meeting place let me tell you that drinking so happens to be a favorite pastime for most islanders and we look for any excuse to fête. Hurricane coming? Let’s have a pre- and post-hurricane party. Divorced? Divorce party. Your dog died? Happy rainbow bridge crossing party. You get the picture.

When my husband and I started our little bar 4 months ago to go with our guest house we had no clue what all it would entail but so far it has been a fun ride and coming up with interesting cocktails has fast become a hobby of ours. So without too much ado here are 5 of our favorite island cocktails:

  1. Fresh Watermelon Margarita
    A tropical twist to an all time favorite, our margarita is made with, yes, you guessed it, fresh watermelon. It has become one of our best sellers at the bar and the best part is that it is super easy to make at home.

    Refreshing watermelon margarita
    3oz of Tequila, 1 1/2oz Margarita Mix, 4oz Fresh Watermelon juice. Shake and serve.
  2. Life is Better in the Caribbean
    Take it from a true island gyal, life is just better in the Caribbean. It’s wonderful, actually. If the Caribbean is not in your plans this year, I feel sorry for you but here’s a refreshing alternative to the ever popular “Screwdriver” to make up for it.

    Life is Better in the Caribbean
    2oz Vodka, 2oz Freshly squeezed Orange Juice, 2oz Freshly squeezed Tangerine Juice. Serve with a slice of orange.
  3. Gimme Another
    Besides food there is one thing my mommy just knows how to make better than anyone else’s mama and that is a fresh lemonade. Growing up we had a lime tree in the backyard with the juiciest limes ever and so fresh lemonade was an almost daily thing at our house. Introducing my mommy’s lemonade with a dash of me. This drink is so incredibly refreshing on a hot day that it is just impossible to finish it and not scream “Gimme Another“.

    Gimme Another
    3oz Vodka, 3oz fresh Lime Juice, 2oz cane syrup (substitute with honey for a healthier version) add water, shake and serve
  4. Nice Melons
    After stocking up on so much watermelon the logical next step would be to invent another watermelon drink and we did just that with “Nice Melons“. What were you thinking we meant with melons anyway?

    Nice Melons
    3oz White Rum, 1 1/2oz Peach Puree/syrup, 2 splashes of fresh lime juice, 4oz fresh Watermelon Juice. Shake and serve with a slice of watermelon n the side.
  5. Painkiller
    In honor of our BVI friends and just because this is my absolute favorite drink in the world, it would be an atrocity not to include this on the list. Originating from the Soggy Dollar Bar on White Sands Bay on Jost van Dijk island in the BVI’s, the Painkiller has almost become synonymous with the word Caribbean. It’s the perfect blend of coconut and dark rum.

    2016-07-23 15.34.47
    3oz Pusser’s Rum, 2oz Pineapple Juice, 1oz Orange Juice, 2 squirts of sweet coconut cream. Stir and serve on ice with a dash of grated nutmeg on top.

    In my opinion it is impossible to make a good Painkiller using just any dark rum. The original recipe calls for Pusser’s Rum, a dark rum made in Barbados and bottled in the BVI’s. Take it from me, stick with Pusser’s for a true Painkiller experience.

    Pusser's Rum



    What are you waiting for? Go on and try out each one of the island drinks mentioned above, if you dare. Close your eyes at first sip and feel the Caribbean breeze on your face and listen to the gentle surf on the beach. It won’t be long till you’re feeling like you’re swinging from a coconut tree.

    Enjoying a watermelon margarita

Should St. Maarten be part of your itinerary this year, come see me at Rusty Rocket Rum and Reggae Saloon on the Dutch side of the island. Contact me to let me know to expect you. I will have your Nice Melons chilled and ready for you.





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