By Miep Roidis

My human decided that her blog should be about animals today since it’s October 4th. For those not-so-smart humans amongst you who don’t know the significance of today, please look up “World Animal Day“. I hear my humans talk about something called Google. Apparently she can help you find anything you wish to know about.

My mom, I call her that since she tends to think of herself as my mother, keeps talking about making today a special day. Poor thing. She must be suffering from some kind of retardation. The weird faces and sounds she makes whenever she sees me are testament to that fact. The other human in the house calls himself Dad. I am quite sure I’m living in some sort of home for humans with special needs.

Miep the island kitten

Anyways back to my story.

Mom and dad found me a few months ago while driving home. Mom spotted a furry little ball of cuteness (me) on the side of a busy road. She and dad immediately turned around. Very nervously and hoping that I was not one with the road by the time they got to me, they approached the site where mom first spotted me. Back then I was not much aware of humans or cars or anything, really but I’ve always been a very curious cat. So when mom approached me on the side of that road I did not for a minute feel threatened. I was ready for an adventure anyways and I all but jumped into her outstretched arms. The ride to my new home was weird. She kept petting and kissing me. It was actually nice and I purred in appreciation. That night I slept in a cool and comfortable room with the humans. I knew I would never leave this place. I have found my forever home.

Miep the island kitten
All tucked in and ready for bed
Miep the island kitten
Ball of furry cuteness
Miep the island kitten
Yeah, I got this one wrapped around my little paw

My days now are quite hectic. I have a busy schedule starting with early mornings around 5 when I wake up the humans often by biting their hands or feet. Sometimes if I feel like mixing it up a little,  I jump on their heads. That one seems to have the best effect. Note to self: Add more head jumping into morning routine.

Miep the island kitten
Biting hands: my favorite pastime

The rest of the day is spent eating, playing, exercising (which for me is running up and down like crazy), making the lives of the other felines in the house unbearable and taking cat naps. I also spent some time with my best friend Bob Kabob. He doesn’t talk much but he and I are tight. Where I go, he goes.

Miep the island kitten
Me and Bob on Boss’ bed

At night I try to steal the bed from the large furry being the humans call Boss. He’s a gentle giant really and I know exactly what to do to intimidate him. So taking his bed is like taking catnip from a senior cat. I’m not very fond of the other hairy creatures outside though. The one they call Jeffrey keeps stalking me, while Farah licks her chops whenever she sees me. She is the only one that truly scares me. I think she thinks I’m a snack the humans brought especially for her. Mom and dad keep her very far away from me, for which I am grateful. Then there are Pinky and Surprise. Other than a normal curiosity they have no real interest in me. To me all 5 of them are just smelly, hairy, slobbery and obnoxious beings. Boss is nice though. He lets me share his food sometimes.

Miep the island kitten

Frank and Meazles are the other felines in the house. They are both much older and tend to stick to themselves. I am never invited to their parties and they stay very far away from me. Reason enough to make their lives miserable, I say. They don’t like me much and that is what makes the taunting extra awesome.

Yeah, my life as the new kitten in town is quite groovy. I can’t complaint. The humans wait on me on hand and foot, I sleep like the princess that I am in their bed, I have my own area in the house, my best friend is a sock puppet and I get kisses and snuggles as often as I want. Not bad for a little bush cat.

Miep the island kitten
Feed me NOW

Fast forward to today.
Mom says that since today is a special day for us, a celebration is in order. She’s planning something and all I can hope is that whatever it is it’s edible. But in all seriousness, the main reason I decided to bring myself down to human level and write this post on my mom’s blog today, is to bring awareness about pet adoption. Look at my fancy life. If it wasn’t for my humans I would still be in the bush scavenging for food or worse, dead. Contrary to popular believe, us cats don’t have it easy. Most humans prefer to have dogs . Yeah I know, I find it hard to believe too. For us superior beings good human servants with a nice palace that we can make our own are very hard to find. The terrible reality is that there are hundreds of cats like me needing a home. I’ll be civilized today and mention that there are hundreds of dogs looking for a home too. Although I’m not a fan of them I do think they deserve a good life with humans that love them. My mom has some amazing friends here on St. Maarten that can help you find a pet. There is Dekha at the St. Maarten Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Glen at the Animal Hospital and Ursula at the animal shelter in Hope Estate, to name but a few. I’m sure that your home town or island has it’s share of nice humans like these that can help you find your next pet. So give them a call or a visit.

Miep the island kitten

Today is World Animal Day but don’t let today be the only day you give pet adoption some thought. I turned out to be a great addition to my mom’s crazy family. Lucky you, I bet there is a cat out there waiting to make you their next slave.

Don’t shop Adopt.

Head bumps from me, the ruler of this house,


Miep the island kitten
The human I call Mom and I







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