The day is finally here. I’ve been counting the days, hours, minutes and seconds. My research is done, my bags are packed and I’m ready to fly. Miami, here I come.

I got a sweet deal with PAWA airlines that no travel addict in their right mind could ignore. It comes with a bitch of a layover in Las Americas Airport in the Dominican Republic but hey, we all have to make sacrifices for what we really want.

With all the luggage fees and long lines at the baggage carousel, there is no way I’ll be traveling with  more than my carry-on and a backpack. The faster I can start exploring sexy Miami, the better it is for everyone. Aside from the necessary pieces of undergarment, cute bikinis, pair of flip flops, pair of sandals, flirty little outfits, hair products and my laptop,  what other must-haves did I pack in my carry-on? 

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What's in my Carry-On?

Paperback Novel

My favorite reads are about either travel or serial killers. I know, I’m not sure where my parents went wrong either. Books are must-haves when traveling and come in handy during the flight, possible delays, long layovers and are just great to wind down with after a hectic day of exploring, along with a glass of wine of course.

What's in my Carry-On?

Coloring Book

My latest addiction is my coloring book. It is so “zen” and helps me keep my inner bitch at bay. Long layovers can be stressful if not prepared for and besides, I’ll be traveling with my husband and mother-in-law. No doubt my coloring book will come in handy.

i-Pad and Headphones

My i-Pad is my most preferred travel companion. It helps me shut off the world on noisy planes by providing me with a list of my favorite tunes. It keeps me entertained with movies and tv shows and it gives me choices to read when my paperback fails to keep my interest. I always make sure to keep it locked and loaded and all juiced up the day before my flight. Without my i-Pad I’ll be at the mercy of actual conversations. Yikes.

What's in my Carry-On?

Travel Journal

My husband surprised me with a travel journal when I first told him that I wish to travel more. Bless him. He really is the best. My journal is where I dot down ideas for my blog, interesting travel experiences and whatever pops in my head. I once read that if you write it down you will remember it better.

What's in my Carry-On?

Camera and other gear

No respectable blogger goes on a trip without her camera gear. I always travel with my Nikon Coolpix, my GoPro  with WiFi remote control and my Quik Pod Selfie Extreme. Your blog is as good as your pictures and I intend to make sure I take some really cool shots while in the Magic City.

What's in my Carry-On?

Tote Bags

I love, love, love tote bags. They are so incredibly practical. You can use them for groceries, as a casual day bag and best of all, you can fold them or roll them up and they hardly take up any space in your luggage. I opted to take two with me on this trip. A girl needs options. after all. One is my dark denim skull bag with frills designed and made by my friend Kallie from Kalliope Designs and the other is my “travel inspiration” messenger bag.

What's in my Carry-On?


I am no fashion blogger, neither do I pretend to be. But even I know the importance of perfect outfits for those IG worthy shots. My lack of fashion sense makes accessories that more important. That is why I never leave home without at least two pairs of really cool sunglasses, my boho chic necklaces and hair scarves or headbands.

I’m curious to know, what’s in your carry-on?

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