SXM Carnival 2017

Like I said in my last post, I am not a huge fan of carnival. I guess all that excessive partying is no longer my thing, which is why I usually try to find great travel deals around this time of year to get off the island, and get as far away as possible from all the mayhem. I must admit though that I shockingly found myself enjoying this year’s Dutch St. Maarten Carnival. I was dragged by friends out of my bed at four in the morning to take part in this year’s jouvert, a parade that starts at dawn and ends sometime around midday and leaves a trail of drunks in its wake. I found myself in the village on at least one occasion enjoying the different food and drink booths and I surprised myself by attending the grand parade, an event so colorful I am still smiling days later.

Since we all seem to have drank the Instagram cool-aid these days and all we can think of is if a certain moment is social media worthy or not, I decided to share with you my most “instagrammable” carnival grand parade pictures. All below pictures were taken by yours truly, so go ahead and enjoy, admire but kindly do not copy.

St. Maarten Carnival 2017CarnivalPost3St. Maarten Carnival 2017St. Maarten Carnival 2017St. Maarten Carnival 2017St. Maarten Carnival 2017St. Maarten Carnival 2017Carnivalpost12

St. Maarten Carnival 2017St. Maarten Carnival 2017Carnivalpost14Carnivalpost17Carnivalpost18Carnivalpost19Carnivalpost20Carnivalpost22Carnivalpost23Carnivalpost24Carnivalpost26Carnivalpost28Carnivalpost25Carnivalpost27Carnivalpost29Carnivalpost31Carnivalpost30

The Dutch St. Maarten Carnival parade is one of our most treasured cultural events and islanders save up grand amounts of money each year and go on month long diets just to be able to look amazing in these beautiful costumes. A lot of work and dedication goes into it all. Kudos to this year’s designers and the troops. 2017’s grand parade was one of the most beautiful I have seen in a while.

And to all of you who took the time to pose and smile for the camera, Thank You!

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