Plantation Hotels in Nevis

I say Nevis and chances are you automatically think of the Four Seasons, but did you know that this little island gem has a lot more to offer when it comes to accommodation choices? What about sleeping in historic, well preserved and beautifully restored Sugar Mill Estates or Plantations?

When I think of Nevis I think of history, luxury and culinary delights. Now wrap all that into one and you have  the island’s 4 Plantations/Sugar Mill Estates turned inns.

During my trip to Nevis I had the pleasure of visiting these 4 properties and I was blown away by the beauty and the colors each one of them has to offer. Each one has its own unique highlight and one is more luxurious than the other. The beautiful 4, as I like to call them are so similar yet so different, it is difficult just to choose one as the base for your next Nevis adventure.

Let me introduce you to Nevis’ 4 Plantation/Sugar Mill Inns.

Plantation 23

The Hermitage Plantation

Rooms: 15 private cottages

Plantation 24

I met one afternoon with the owner of this beautiful property, Mr. Richard Lupinacci, who took the time to show me the grounds, a task he without a doubt gets asked to do often yet still shows great pride in doing. As we walked around the property Mr. Lupinacci told me stories of growing up at the Hermitage and what it was like back then.

Plantation Hotels in Nevis

The Lupinacci family decided to turn the property into a hotel after numerous requests from friends and family to holiday there.

Plantation 22Plantation 20

Upon entering one of the cottages it is easy to see why the Hermitage is so inviting. The peace and quiet and being surrounded by old charm is enough to make you call home and permanently change your address. The intimate setting makes you feel like you’re visiting old friends and the enchanted garden…well, that is just straight out of the pages of a fairy tale.

Plantation 27

Fun fact: The main house at the Hermitage is one of the oldest wooden houses on Nevis. In fact it turned out that the main house may just be the oldest building in the Caribbean.

Planation 25

My personal highlight: I’m a vegetarian but trust me when I tell you that you must try the pork roast on Wednesdays. The local chef blends the uniqueness of Caribbean spices and makes some amazing dishes (vegetarian and non vegetarian). With a magician like this in the kitchen I am sure you too will find the restaurant at the Hermitage to be a great choice, pork roast or no pork roast.


Plantation 28

Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

Rooms: 38 cottages

Plantation 46

Like the name suggests Nisbet Plantation Beach Club is the only historic plantation inn right on the beach. Upon entering the main house one is automatically transported to an era long gone by. Once upon a time a favorite holiday spot of some members of the British monarch, Nisbet now features 38 luxurious cottages with gorgeous bathrooms I must add, sprawled over 30 lush acres.

Plantation 29

A sugar mill at first and a coconut plantation later on, this hotel reminisces of old British charm (tea and crumpets anyone?), yet it has a more modern aspect to it with a small gym, a modern fresh water swimming pool, a jacuzzi and a spa. One cannot help but feel like royalty when walking the grounds here. The property boasts 3 restaurants, one of which is located on the beach and is the venue for a delicious seafood buffet on Thursdays.

Plantation 31Plantation 33

Fun fact: Those who choose to get married at the Nisbet get their very own tree planted in their honor and some couples return every year just to see how much their tree has grown.

Plantation 40

My personal highlight: the beach is a nice touch and the ruins of the old sugar mill on the property makes for great photos.

Plantation Hotels in Nevis


Plantation Hotels in Nevis

Montpelier Plantation and Beach

Rooms: 19 rooms of which 2 are suites

Plantation Hotels in NevisPlantation Hotels in Nevis

Words like luxury, exclusivity and romance come to mind when I think back to my brief visit of Montpelier Plantation. The place is stunning with lush gardens and breathtaking vistas. Modern meets old world charm is how I would describe my first initial thought upon entering the plantation’s main building. Montpelier has a rich and romantic history dating back to as early as 1687.

Plantation Hotels in NevisPlantation Hotels in Nevis

This Plantation hotel is located up in the hills and offers beautiful views of the lush vegetation around as well as the sea in the distance. The rooms are spacious and stylish, each with their own personal veranda overlooking the ocean. The hotel has it’s own private cove where guests can enjoy a day at the beach but unfortunately I did not have enough time to explore it, so a return to Montpelier is a must.

Plantation 9

Fun Fact: The 300 year old mill on property, Mill Privée can be rented for private dinner parties or for a romantic candlelit dinner for two and offers a delectable 5 course menu by a renowned chef.

Plantation 10

My personal highlight: That swimming pool still has me wishing I could have spent more time at Montpelier. Can you blame me?

Plantation 17


Plantation Hotels in Nevis

Golden Rock Inn

Rooms: 11 simple cottages

Plantation 34

Golden Rock Inn was the last sugar mill estate turned inn that I visited and it is to me the most memorable. Perhaps it was the friendly manager that showed me around or maybe it’s because of the lovely lunch I experienced there or who knows, it could be the artsy decor done by the owners. Fact is, I cannot stop thinking of Golden Rock Inn.

Plantation 50

It’s quiet and so incredibly peaceful and once you enter the old building you are welcomed with a complete contrast in design that joggles your mind for a little bit. Have I just entered a 200+ years old sugar mill or a 70’s grotto? Stroll a bit further and you find tables where guests are enjoying a delicious lunch hidden in corners amidst the beautiful landscape.

Plantation Hotels in Nevis

We had lunch in the gazebo and it came complete with a little sugar bird perched on one of the empty seats just waiting for scraps. Monkey calls could be heard in the distance, the little buggers could be seen jumping from roof top to adjacent trees and the stunning landscape beckoned to be explored.

Plantation 51Plantation Hotels in Nevis

The rooms are simple yet spacious and inviting with a Caribbean flair. Each one just a little different than the next. One thing they all have in common is that they all come with an outside patio where one can admire monkeys any time of the day.  The swimming pool is a refreshing alternative on hot days while the bar is sure to be the spot for tasty cocktails.

Plantation 37Plantation Hotels in Nevis

Fun Fact: the actual sugar mill has been turned into a funky honeymoon suite and it is the most incredible thing you will ever see.

Plantation Hotels in Nevis

My personal highlight: Golden Rock Inn will forever be remembered as the place where I finally got to capture a monkey on screen. Animal lover that I am, you can imagine my excitement that day. The smile on my face could not be wiped off for the remainder of the trip.

Eat, sleep, do Nevis

Which one of the Beautiful 4 grabbed your fancy most and which one would you choose to stay at?

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