Beach Hopping trip to Anguilla with captain Pascal

Each year the CTO or Caribbean Tourism Organization presents a Media Award for the Best Caribbean Travel Blog Post. Being a self-proclaimed Caribbean Connoisseur and a lover of all things island, I entered my blog post The Island Girl’s Guide to Experiencing the True Anguilla and proceeded to completely forget about it.

Guide to Experiencing Anguilla

Social media reminded me of the ongoing competition a few weeks back and when I checked my status I saw that my blog post, although now officially in the runnings, only had a few votes. Fourteen to be exact. A devastating blow when I compare it to last year when I ended up in second place.

So, I did what anyone would do, I started asking for the support of my friends and family, fans of both my Facebook and Instagram page and now you, my readers. At this time my entry is at a dismal 7th place but hey, as long as the competition is still ongoing I have a slight chance to win. Right?


Voting closes at 11:59pm on May 21st. Consider this the last try of a brave island soul at winning this popularity contest (let’s be honest, that is what it is) and vote for me, the Riselle a.k.a. Traveling Island Girl, currently on page 2.


*Must have a valid Facebook account to be eligible to vote.

Thank you. Not only for taking the time to vote and showing your support in my ever continuous quest for blog popularity in this “Blog eat Blog” world but also for being there, for reading my countless stories and for sharing in my crazy.

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  1. Gilda E Wiilliamson Reply

    I’ve voted, too bad I can only vote once!!!! good luck!!!!

  2. backcountrypetite Reply

    Do you have twitter? That would be best place to promote this!

    -Rachel @ Backcountry Petite

    • I do, but it’s so recent I’m not sure it will help. Ao recent I haven’t yet gotten at 10 followers 😱

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