Summer in the Caribbean

Summer is here and Social media is lit (is this how I’m supposed to use this millennial expression?) with all sorts of posts on how to get that perfect bikini body, how to take that perfect beach photo and which beaches to flaunt that new bikini on. Meanwhile, the rising temperatures and my steadily increasing electric bill because of my air conditioning being on constantly, is indication enough for me that the summer months have arrived.

This is the time when most of us humans travel and the most popular destinations are places that are otherwise too cold to travel to. Hey, I might be a simple island girl but I get it.

But have I got news for you. Come closer. Can you keep a secret?

It’s common knowledge that the Caribbean islands make for the best vacations anytime of the year but did you know that these islands are exceptionally awesome in the summer months?

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider visiting the Caribbean this summer:

Summer in the Caribbean
Affordable Island Hopping

More Affordable

Here in the Caribbean we have seasons too: The so called high season when the islands are bustling with visitors coming in on cruise ships, airplanes, mega yachts and private jets and the low season when things calm down considerably. This last one is the season to score great Caribbean deals. Most of the Caribbean sees a decline of tourists in the low season, which can start as early as April and last till the end of October. Hotels, activities, car rentals and even restaurants all lower their prices considerably in an effort to draw in as much business as possible.

Affordable Villa Rentals

Less Traffic

With more people looking to get their tan on in places such as the Greek isles, the riviera, Croatia and the US coast the Caribbean, islands see less traffic. Less visitors means less crowded beaches, no waiting in line at that restaurant everyone is raving about, beach chairs and umbrellas galore.  It also means, more often than non better and friendlier service.

Summer in the Caribbean
Clear and calm waters

Better Waters

Our beaches are always beautiful but they are just exquisite in the summer. Less waves make for calmer, clearer waters. Easier to get in and out of now that the temperature is a bit higher and it’s nice and calm to float around in, cocktail in hand on one of those unicorns, swans or whatever inflatable has your fancy at moment.

Summer in the Caribbean
Fun with the locals

More of a Local Vibe

When the high season’s away the locals come out to play. We finally get a chance to let our hair down. The off season means a bit of a break for most in the hospitality industry. This is the perfect moment to experience a more local vibe if that’s your thing. The season hunters have gone back to the mainland, chasing tourists and their tip money at beach bars in other exotic destinations. Who is left behind are the true locals. Those who love the island when it’s profitable in the winter months and in the not so profitable summer months. This is the time when the true friendliness of the island and its people shines.

Live music on the beach
Anguilla’s August Monday Beach Party

Festivals and Local Festivities

Of course the more grand events targeting tourists and seabirds happen in the winter months but the more fun local festivities can be found in the summer. Aruba’s Soul Beach, St. Kitts’ Music Fest, Jamaica’s Sumfest, St. Lucia’s Jazz Fest, Nevis’ Mango Festival, Anguilla’s August Monday and Saba’s Carnival to name but a few. Like I said before, this is our time to let our hair down.

Summer in the Caribbean
Deserted beaches await

A few things to take into consideration:

  • The hurricane season runs from June to October and peaks in September to the end of November.
  • Summer months like August can see an increase in rainfall but this is definitely not always the case.
  • Most restaurants and hotels close in the months of September and October. This is especially the case on islands in the hurricane belt.

Do you agree with my top 5 reasons? What other reason to visit the Caribbean in the summer would you add to the list?

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*All the above is based on my own personal experiences and opinions.

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