Hidden in a quiet neighborhood in the Cul de Sac area on French St. Martin, is a treasure buried in an otherwise mundane side street. Sol E Luna has long been a name whispered amongst those who have previously visited this little gem. It’s usually spoken about in a slight whisper, as if it’s a secret and speaking the name out loud would forever damage its sacred quiet atmosphere, sending hordes of people running for a chance to sample it for themselves.


One Monday morning I felt uninspired and …well, dull. As if I’ve temporarily lost my sparkle. Having felt like this before I knew the antidote. I immediately called up one of my girlfriends, who is always up for an adventure and I told her it was time. “Put on your bikini and pack your sunscreen, we are going for a LFL.” LFL is short for Long French Lunch. The perks of living on an island divided by two countries never seizes to amaze me. I can actually go to France whenever I feel like it and thanks to the open border policy it’s hassle-free.


The question now was where to have lunch? I had previously started following Sol E Luna on Instagram and remember that they have a pool. You see, no LFL is complete without some kind of swimming possibility and lots of rosé. I headed over the border from the Dutch side of the island into French territory. It might be the same island but there are huge differences between the two sides.


Sol E Luna – the Restaurant

Sol E Luna is a charming mostly wooden structure with an elevated restaurant offering a view of the Étang Chevrise or the Chevrise Pond. The view is not much if you are used to views of sandy beaches and turquoise waters, but once seated with a glass of rosé at one of the tables, it doesn’t really matter what the view is like. The pool lays below. The sound of the two waterfalls gently falling into the plunge pool are soothing enough to transport you immediately to a place of zen. As if that wasn’t enough, the lush garden setting and chic indoor decor will definitely do the trick.


The food

“Somebody pinch me. I must have died and gone to culinary heaven”

We opted to go with the 3-course summer lunch special instead of going à la carte. The menu was attractive and gave three choices for each of the courses and the price was phenomenal. The food did not disappoint. In fact, it was one of the best lunches I’ve had.

As a starter I had the fried goat cheese wrapped in phyllo dough and drizzled with honey.
My entree was a soft baked fish served on a bed of vegetables.
Dessert: A baked crust loaded with mascarpone and topped with strawberry puree.


Après Dejourner

After lunch it was time to enjoy the plunge pool with a glass of rosé. This, I might add is my favorite part of the day. We were waited on like princesses and were brought a towel, water and of course rosé.

Excellent place to get your Diva on.


In Conclusion

Sol E Luna is now one of my favorite places to de-stress and relax on the island and no doubt I will be back again and again and again. The food was sublime, the service exceptional and the plunge pool like heaven. This is not a place to bring the children to splash around in the pool while you enjoy your lunch. It’s quiet and most of us like it this way. It definitely feels like a getaway since it is located away from the more popular areas.


My kind of adulting

Sol E Luna also has a guesthouse above the restaurant. I might just try it out next. But for now the restaurant and pool will have to do.

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*This is NOT a sponsored blog post and I did not at any time receive special treatment or any kind of payment for writing this review. All opinions are my own and the above is based on my personal experience. 


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