Valentine’s day is here. Again. Not my favorite day. In all honesty I have grown quite disgusted with this so-called day of love. Not that I have anything against love. It’s just that I can do without the whole commercial part of V-day. This day has quickly become more about how much money you can spend on the one you love, rather than the actual love between you and your mate/partner/wife/husband. Whatever.

I choose to still believe in the actual love and bond between myself and the person I decide to give my heart to. I do not need a cheesy teddy bear with an “I love You” shirt and a dozen roses cruelly cut before their prime to tell me that my husband actually loves me too. Besides, if he really wants to show his appreciation for our love and marriage he knows no teddy bear, chocolate or roses will do, but a ticket to an exotic Caribbean island just might 😉

Most romantic island

We try to make at least two trips a year together. The rest of the time I travel by myself. This year thanks to fucking Irma, I will probably be celebrating Valentine’ s day at our bar, eating burgers and drinking too many glasses of Prosecco, drowning my sorrow and wallowing over the fact that I’m not traveling.

Anyway, before I depress you with my depressing anecdote of my deplorable current travel status, let me just get to what this blog post is really about: My current most romantic Caribbean island.

It was two years ago already when we touched down at the Point-à-Pitre International Airport. It was not our first time visiting these Caribbean islands. We were both there twice before, both times I spent it in a hospital bed while my husband spent either searching for a place to eat or by my bedside. You see I typed “place to eat” before “being by my side”because he actually sleeps and dreams food. All. The. Time.
So, our third visit was finally to explore the islands (or cuisine if you ask my husband) and spend a well needed 4 days together, just the two of us.


I’m talking about Guadeloupe, in case you haven’t yet figured it out.

First of all, the language spoken there is French, which is supposed to be the language of love. I just love sitting at little street side cafés or in a charming little creole restaurant and hear the locals speak French or French Patois. There is something quite romantic in listening to a language you do not fully understand and trying to decipher what it is exactly that is being communicated.

Then there is the food. The French islands are known for their creole food, the best Caribbean cuisine if you ask me. The flavors, spices and dishes can make you hot all over.


Exploring Guadeloupe is an experience that delights your senses all at once. The explosion of flavors in the cuisine is just a small part of it. The smell of the forest while driving through the Parc National, the sight of the vibrant blue ocean when you’re driving down the hills, the feeling of complete freedom when you enter the water at one of the many pristine beaches; it’s exhilarating, really.


Exploring the group of islands called Guadeloupe together is what makes this destination so romantic. There is so much discovering to do. It’s driving around the island, listening to your favorite tunes, your feet perched on the dashboard, the wind tickling your feet while you hand is being caressed by the one who you just gave yourself to that morning.

Most romantic island

It’s holding onto each other in the cold water by a waterfall. It’s going on a rum tasting tour, stopping at different little bars and restaurants, tasting different Ti’ Punch recipes and returning  to your beautiful cottage with your own private plunge pool, all smiles and giggles, both a little tipsy.


It’s discovering a new little place with the best “Colombo” dish or the smell of all the spices at the sea side market in Point-à-Pitre. It’s everything and it’s everything because I got to share it with my valentine.


Do you agree with my choice? What is your most romantic Caribbean island at the moment?

*All the above is strictly based on my own experiences and opinions.

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