A bed that is begging to be slept in, furniture in bright and vibrant Caribbean colors, a view to live by, free WiFi and ample closet space with plenty of hangers, this is what I remember most about my stay at the Mount Nevis Hotel. But wait, I am getting way ahead of myself here. Let us start from the beginning, shall we?!

Mount Nevis Hotel

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Driving up to the Mount Nevis Hotel is an adventure on its own. The long dirt road leading to the hotel is a sure place to spot the occasional green vervet monkey that  Nevis is so known for. You can spot monkey families crossing the road in the early morning hours or just before dusk, the little young ones hurrying behind mom and dad. Alongside this road the occasional wild donkey or cow greets you with mild curiosity and you can catch a glimpse of one of the most popular ruins on the island, the Cottle Church on your left just before you reach the gates of the hotel.

Mount Nevis Hotel

Once through the gate you are welcomed with a sign to heed caution and to slow down in case of crossing monkeys. This of course made my heart do a little jump of joy, animal person that I am. The prospect of seeing monkeys in the wild at the hotel was almost too much for my little heart to handle. The winding road aligned with trees, leads to the main building where the reception, restaurant, pool, gym and small conference room are located.

Mount Nevis Hotel
The sitting area with the restaurant veranda in the background

Once at the reception office I was greeted with warm smiles and was led to a tastefully decorated sitting area by the Bella Vista Restaurant, just off to the right of the concierge desk. The decor of the sitting area was very welcoming, a sure sign that the rooms would not disappoint.  I was offered a welcome rum punch, something my DNA will never allow me to turn down, even at 11 in the morning.

Mount Nevis Hotel
Welcome rum punch? Don’t mind if I do.

The Unit

I opened the door to my suite and was pleasantly surprised by the size of  the unit, the choice of furniture and at how bright and sunny the room was. I quickly closed the door behind me and explored my temporary domain.

Mount Nevis Hotel

In the hallway to the left was the bathroom, flowers from a local tree neatly placed here and there. To the right was a large closet with enough space to fit all my dresses and then some and not to mention that there were enough hangers for my wardrobe. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have enough hangers in a hotel room and the Mount Nevis Hotel nailed it.


I continued to explore the space with little “Oohs” and “Aahs” as I discovered one thing after the other. The bed was to my left, facing a huge TV on the other side of the room and a brightly colored sitting area. The room walls were adorned with Caribbean art, not the standard cheesy photos or paintings often found in hotel rooms around the world. The decorators at the this hotel obviously went through the trouble of finding paintings that depicted the everyday Caribbean life. It was a like a breath of fresh “art” to me.

Mount Nevis Hotel

Mount Nevis Hotel

In a little nook off to the right of the TV was a full kitchen, complete with all the appliances you need, including a coffee maker. In the left corner of the sitting area was a small desk, perfect to do some last minute work or writing that next bestselling novel.

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Mount Nevis Hotel

Then there was the view. I’m sitting here shaking my head because there just are no words to describe it. The hotel lies on the North side of the island on an elevated land that offers spectacular views over the manicured hotel grounds, the bushes of the land beyond the fence and in the distance, the ocean and the volcanic profile of sister island St. Kitts.

Mount Nevis Hotel

Mount Nevis Hotel

The air-conditioning could be turned on or off, the bed was firm and comfortable and the WiFi steady and easy to connect to. I must say that the WiFi was a joy to work with and it was available with strong signal inside the units as well as in the reception/restaurant areas. Super easy, with no access codes required, no expiration during your stay, no headache.

The hotel

The family run Mount Nevis Hotel was built in 1989, with completion of the last building in 2015. Today it has 50 rooms including 3 villas in two or three story buildings scattered over the grounds, which once was a lime plantation. All the units have an  interconnecting door, which makes it possible to rent a one or two bedroom suite.

Mount Nevis Hotel
The three villas
Mount Nevis Hotel
One of the buildings housing some of the units

The hotel has a very intimate feel with lovely staff that knows how to give their guests that Caribbean hospitality. Breakfast is included in the nightly rate and I enjoyed my first meal of the day each morning on the veranda of the Bella Vista Restaurant, overlooking the pool and with the same stunning view I enjoyed from my balcony. The restaurant’s dinner options did not disappoint either.

The Bella Vista Restaurant in the background and the veranda where I had my breakfast in the morning

Like many hotels and resorts on the island of Nevis, the Mount Nevis Hotel also offers special rates in the summer months for regional and Caribbean citizens. I guess I better start booking my return to Nevis.

In Conclusion

The Mount Nevis hotel may not be a beach resort but what it lacks in beach access it definitely makes up for in comfort, beauty, friendliness and adventure. I say adventure  because from the hotel it’s easy to go on a walk and explore the grounds beyond the hotel property line. Explore the ruins of Cottle church next door or sugar mills nearby, admire the wild animal life all around and if the beach is still your thing, take use of the hotel’s complimentary shuttle bus to nearby beaches like Oualie Beach or the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club.

Mount Nevis Hotel
The Cottle Church ruins are a short walk away

If you are looking for a resort type of accommodation with a lively bar and nightly activities, the Mount Nevis Hotel is not for you. Its location is too out of the way for that. But if you are like me and prefer a more quiet, intimate setting and your main goal when on vacation is to destress and relax, then I would tell you “Welcome Home”. The Mount Nevis has all the amenities you need without the hustle and bustle of a large resort.

A pool with a view

As for me, I cannot wait to return. Perhaps I will one day write my greatest novel there at that small corner desk with the gorgeous views and maybe, just maybe, I will finally have a monkey visit my balcony.

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions expressed above are honest and my own and are based on my own personal experience at the Mount Nevis Hotel.

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