The Caribbean is a popular destination in the winter months, when snow birds flock by the thousands to the warmer shores of the different Caribbean islands. Nevis is no different. But what about traveling to Nevis in the summer?

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Three Caribbean bloggers on Nevis

I had the honor of visiting the island of Nevis for the second time recently and this time I was joined by two of my favorite Caribbean Bloggers, Brittany from Windtraveler and Jennifer from Jen there Done that. Together we explored the hell out of the island and had a fantastic time in doing so. Our mantra during this girls trip: “We’ll sleep when we’re dead”. We explored, adventured, sailed, lounged, drunk and ate everything Nevis had to offer and can now honestly say that if Nevis is not on your radar, you’re missing out.

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit Nevis this Summer.

1. Amazing Adventures

If you’ve read the post on my trip to Nevis last year, you know that Nevis has a lot to offer. Hiking, horseback riding, sailing, off roading, you name it. My favorite adventures were definitely that time we hiked to the 6 waterfalls on Nevis Peak.  If hiking seems too strenuous of an activity for your vacation, I can definitely recommend some more relaxing “adventures”, like off roading in ATV’s with the Funky Monkey tour or the Sunset Cruise with Leeward Islands Charters.

10 reasons why Nevis should be on your must-visit list
Fun on the sunset cruise with Leeward Islands Charters
Go  off the beaten path with Funky Monkey tours

2. Great Accommodations

Nevis is known for its luxury accommodations like the Four Seasons and plantation inns such as Montpellier and Nisbet. But there are also hotel options with suites or condos, perfect for families or groups (or in our case, a girls trip). The Mount Nevis Hotel for instance or the Hamilton Beach Villas. Then there are some great rental home options available, especially in the summer months when expats or those who call Nevis home in the winter months leave the island and temporarily post their villas, condos and homes on Airbnb or Homeaway.

Not yet part of the Airbnb Community? Click here and choose out of hundreds of rentals and experiences.
Ideal for Group Travel. VRBO Vacation Rentals.
Newly redecorate room at the Four Seasons

I had the pleasure of staying in a locally owned property that I found on Airbnb, the Crimson House. My only complaint is that I only got to stay there for one night but I will definitely be back. The house is a two floor house in a quiet residential neighborhood. I got the top floor all to myself, which in this case meant three bedrooms, a large kitchen, a veranda that went halfway around the house offering great views of the ocean in the distance and a swimming pool in the backyard. My downstairs neighbor was a delight and the yard was well maintained, with fruit trees and the occasional visiting monkey. I had the best sleep at the Crimson House and highly recommend it. Book it here and tell Juliet and James that I sent you 😉

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3. Summer Rates

Speaking of accommodations; Prices drop considerably in the off season or low season as we islanders like to call it. It’s not just airline tickets and car rental prices but many hotels shed their prices too. The hurricane season we had last year helped make the already infamous off season even slower, which means that some Caribbean hotels are now offering very attractive deals.

Lounge at the beach side cabanas at the Four Seasons for a fraction of the price

There is also great news for Caribbean residents. Resorts such as the Four Seasons and the Mount Nevis Hotel offer special rates to visitors from the region. If you’re a Caribbean resident and you were thinking of discovering your fellow Caribbean islands, start with Nevis and do it this Summer. It would be silly not to take advantage of these great deals which last as long as till early December.

Beachside properties. VRBO Vacation Rentals.

4. History

You cannot drive half a mile on Nevis without driving passed something historic. Whether it’s ruins of an old sugar mill plantation or a plantation converted into a hotel,  there is always something to remind you of Nevis’ rich history. The Cottle Church, where blacks and whites used to worship together in the 1800’s is a must visit. So is the Hermitage, a hotel built around the oldest existing wooden house in the Caribbean. Then you have the usual ruins that come with their own tales of wandering ghosts and not to forget Charlestown, the island’s capital with its colorful buildings and historic landmarks. You can also find the house where Alexander Hamilton grew up in Charlestown. It is now a museum and is open to the public.

10 reasons why Nevis should be on your must-visit list
At the Cottle Church
10 reasons why Nevis should be on your must-visit list
Beautiful buildings in Charlestown

5. Delicious Food

I cannot stop bragging about the great meals I’ve had in Nevis. Seriously, I cannot remember one single bad dish. Everything was so rich in flavor and the restaurants were beautiful with amazing service. The Poke bowl at the Yachtsman Grill, the shrimp salad at Café des Arts, the shrimp burger at  the Cabana restaurant at the Four Seasons Resort, the seafood buffet at the Nisbet Plantation and the catch of the day at the Gin Trap, it was all so mouthwatering good. Dining out on Nevis is a true delight.

10 reasons why Nevis should be on your must-visit list
Yummy Tune Poke bowl at Yachtsman Grill

6. Summer Events

Nevis is known for its Summer events and no other event is more popular than Nevis’ Mango Festival which takes place every year in July. This year it’s from July 5th to the 8th. The Mango Festival is followed by Culturama, the island’s carnival from the end of July till early August and the Running Festival in September. There is also the amazing Nevis Blues Festival which I had the immense pleasure of attending last year. That was a real treat. The festival did not take place this year but I’m hoping it will make a comeback in April of 2019.

Do eat sleep Nevis
The 2017 Nevis Blues Festival

7. Fabulous Beach Bars

If you cannot travel to attend one of the festivals, don’t worry. Nevis has plenty of fabulous beach bars with lots of adult beverages that you can sip on, feet in the sand et all. The ever popular Sunshines with it’s potent Killer Bee cocktail is a good place to start and while you’re on Pinneys beach, hop over to my friend Patterson’s Lime Beach Bar. The ties he has been collecting for years and years are proudly hanging from the rafters. Patterson is also your guide in the fun pub crawl to local bars. Crishi Beach was another one of our favorites. We had such a great time here that we traded a much needed rest time in our hectic schedule for extra time at this fun place on the beach.

10 reasons why Nevis should be on your must-visit list
Crishi Beach
10 reasons why Nevis should be on your must-visit list
Patterson on the Pub Crawl

8. Animals in the wild

My favorite part of my Nevis visits is and always will be seeing the green vervet monkeys in the wild. These little creatures are super fast and catching them on camera proved to be quite a challenge. But I did find two of them on the golf course at the Four Seasons and managed to catch a picture or two of them just before our squeals of excitement made them run for cover. Another animal that is found everywhere on Nevis is the donkey. These wild donkeys can be seen alongside the roads or on open fields. They are practically everywhere and unlike the monkeys, not so fast, which makes capturing a photo of them a much easier feat.

Yay, a monkey!

9. A Spa like no other

Sure you have spas at the many resorts on the island but no spa experience is like a spa day at the Nevis Hot Springs. The island of Nevis is a volcanic island and this little spot is where hot spring water can be found. It’s healing qualities attract locals and visitors alike and best of all, it’s free.

Relaxing at the Nevis Hot Springs

10. Ultimate Relaxation

There is no price on quiet and Nevis definitely has that. The island fortunately is very unlike St. Maarten and St. Thomas where there’s a lot of traffic and a list of daily activities a mile long. Nevis too has lot of of day time activities and a very chill nightlife. If you’re like me and prefer the quiet, there is plenty of that too at most of the resorts, hotels and even rentals. I spent most of my nights on the balcony of my hotel room enjoying the quiet of the night, some live music in the far distance. Just me and my thoughts and that great view. These, to me were the priceless moments on the island of Nevis.

10 reasons why Nevis should be on your must-visit list
My balcony at the Mount Nevis Hotel

What did you think of the list above and if you have visited Nevis before, what would you add?

Disclaimer: The above is based on my personal experiences and opinions. Most of the businesses mentioned in the above blog post offered us complimentary meals, stays, services or products during our media trip. This media trip was arranged by the Nevis Tourism Office, Nevis Naturally.

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