One of the most important concerns, if not the most important for solo travelers, female and male alike, is of course safety; and with accommodation preferences now turning more towards home rentals over your average hotel room, that concern has pretty much doubled.

What if I told you that there is a device that helps you worry a little bit less about safety when you’re traveling and sleep better in your vacation rental or hotel room ?

The DoorJammer is a portable door lock brace that gives that added security to most doors. It can be used to secure the door in your hotel room, hostel dorm or of course your Airbnb.

Your New Travel Companion: The DoorJammer

I don’t know about you but when it comes to finding the ideal accommodation, safety and comfort are my highest criteria, next to price. I can spend hours reading reviews before booking and since Airbnb is my preferred rental platform, I tend to always book with “super hosts” or experienced hosts with extraordinary reviews.

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But super hosts are also human and even super hosts can make mistakes.

Take my recent trip to Miami for example. My husband and I arrived at the condo in Midtown that we reserved. Other than the excellent location and the decor of the condo, the perceived security is what attracted us most about this listing to begin with. Being able to sleep at night and coming and going without worrying about our belongings or our safety is priceless.

The condo was as spectacular as the photos predicted. Well appointed, Beautifully decorated and super comfortable. There was however one slight issue. The sliding door leading to the patio and back corridor could not lock. Now, I don’t know about you but that is a big “no-no” in my book when renting any accommodation. I don’t care if said accommodation is in Fort Knox itself. A door that can grant access from the outside that cannot be locked is just not done.

To make an extremely long and frustrating story short, our super host, tuned out not to be so super after all. She took days to get the door fixed and did not even hint to any sort of compensation or apology for our troubles. We spent the half of our stay worrying about that damn door.

This is one of those times when the universe works totally in your favor. Just a few months prior to the Miami trip, I was sent this little device by a company called Penn Elcom Group in the UK. The company wanted a female traveler’s opinion about their product, the DoorJammer. I quickly unpacked the small box to discover this bright red device, not bigger than my iPhone 8S and about as light. It came with a velvet black pouch with a string for easy keeping and an instructions book. I quickly made a mental note to take it with me on the next trip to see how easy it was to travel with.

Your New Travel Companion: The DoorJammer

Let’s just say, I was very happy that I brought along my new DoorJammer to Miami. At night we used this device to further secure our bedroom door. We were able to sleep like babies regardless of the back door not being locked. It really added to our sense of security and privacy. Kudos to me for bringing it along and to the guys over at Penn Elcom for their perfect timing.

Your New Travel Companion: The DoorJammer

The DoorJammer works with most regular doors. Meaning your average home, hotel or hostel room door. Unfortunately it doesn’t work on sliding doors. If it had we wouldn’t have had to drag our valuables all over Miami with us whenever we left the condo. Perhaps the makers of the DoorJammer will soon come out with a device to secure sliding doors as well 😉

Your New Travel Companion: The DoorJammer

But in all seriousness what I absolutely love about this product is that it so light and yet can totally rend a door un-open-able (is that even a word?). It stops any unwanted or forced entry efficiently, quickly and easily. It’s lightness also makes it super easy to travel with.

But the best part about the DoorJammer in my opinion is how easy and fast you can install it. It’ really is as easy as  (1) enter room, (2) close door, (3) insert device into space under door, (4) twist bolt until secured and (5) pull door to make sure it is well secured. That’s it. Easy peasy.

Your New Travel Companion: The DoorJammer

The company behind it also has a larger heavy duty version called The Lockdown, which offers industrial-strength security for public buildings and institutions. Hopefully I will get to test this one as well and report back to you readers. In the meantime I am definitely purchasing a second DoorJammer because you can never be too careful.

Your New Travel Companion: The DoorJammer

If the DoorJammer seems like the perfect travel companion for you or for the traveler, business traveler frequent flyer or nomad in your life, I have awesome news. As a reader of The Traveling Island Girl you get a 10% discount with your purchase. Just click here and enter the code TTIG10.

Have questions about the DoorJammer? Contact me or comment below.

*Although the above reviewed product was given to me free of charge, the above review is based on my personal honest opinion and experience. You should know also that I get a small commission for any purchase of the DoorJammer through my blog.

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  1. Hey! Fellow travel lover. I am going to be moving into a first floor apartment soon and after seeing a viral video on tik tok of a man walking into a woman’s apartment through her balcony….I want some extra security when I sleep at night. I was looking all over for something, a review of one of the many items out there- so I am thankfull that you took the time to make this review. It helps me know which one to purhcase and that it DOES work. I’m planning to buy two (one for my front door and one for my balcony door).

    Thanks! 🙂

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