So, you finally got around to booking that trip to St. Maarten you’ve always wanted to take but you only have 3 days to spend on the island. Don’t worry. The good news is that although St. Maarten is so full of great things to do, see and experience, you can still get that relaxing vacation in just a few days. Besides, the great thing about short vacations is that it leaves you wanting more and you will be much more inclined to book a return trip.

At only 37 square miles Sint Maarten may be just a tiny dot on the map but the island has proven time and time again to be a world class destination on its own. With 37 beaches, endless gastronomic delights and a vibrant nightlife, St. my dual nation paradise has so much to offer that there is absolutely no time here to get bored at all. So, with that said, let’s see how we can make the most of your short stay here.

Do some research before you get the island. 

With so many activities, restaurants and attractions to choose from it’s wise to have a basic idea of what all you can and would like to do during your vacation on St. Maarten. There are several websites filled with valuable information just a Google search away, and my YouTube channel is filled with videos with suggestions, recommendations and travel tips. After watching my videos, make a list of the top things that are a must-do for you when here and go from there.

Go on an island tour

The best way to see the island in a reasonably short time is to go on an island tour with an expert, and nobody knows the island better than a local person. There are plenty of knowledgable tour guides and types of tours to choose from. Whomever your guide or tour of choice, try to book it one day after arrival. It’s a great introduction to the island and the way things work here. As island tour will also expose you to things you may not have known about the island before.

Book a VIP and personalized island tour with me here.

Rent a Car

Now that you are somewhat acquainted with the island, it is time to explore it on your own. Rent a car for the remainder of your vacation on the island and drive yourself to all of the beaches, restaurants and attractions on your list. Having your own car gives you the freedom to see more of the island in the short time that you are here.

Go on a boat ride

From gourmet cruises to fast boats, there is no shortage of vessels with which to maximize your day on the water. See St. Maarten from a different perspective, explore the underwater beauty and visit different beaches all in one day. You can even hop on a snorkel trip that will take you to the most popular beaches on neighboring island Anguilla. Most boat trips include drinks, lunch, snorkel gear and service with a smile.

Take that boat ride and discover the island form the water.

Eat your belly full

With so many different restaurants catering to every single palate, St. Maarten has earned the title of Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean. Take advantage of this and make sure you eat each one of your meals during your short vacation at a different restaurant. No time to eat the the same place twice.

Night time fun

The nightlife on the island is indisputably vibrant. A night out is therefore a must. Whether you like to play the slots, dance the night away on a dance floor or sip on magnificent craft cocktails all night long, St. Maarten has it, and has it in abundance. 

Make time to chill

With so much to do and see it is essential to plan a day of rest. Whether you decide to spend it by chilling poolside, basking in the sun on one of the magnificent beaches or getting pampered at one of the world class spas, it’s important to end your time on paradise with a chill day.

After reading this you might ask yourself, will 3 days on the island be enough for all of this? With the right planning it absolutely can be. You can easily substitute the island our for a boat cruise around the island on day 1, followed by renting a car and visiting some great restaurants and beaches on day 2, and taking a chill day on day 3, whether you end up spending it on a beach, poolside or at a spa, or a combination of all three, depending on your accommodation of choice.

If at the end you still have questions about how to make the most of your time here on the island, book the hour long video call over Zoom with me and let’s discuss the best options for you. See the details here.

I look forward to seeing you on beautiful St. Maarten soon.

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