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Lover of all animals

Hi there, I’m Riselle, the island girl behind this blog. I am a content creator with a degree in marketing, experience in radio and tv and a strong love for storytelling and photography.

I have recently also added Associate Editor at Mélange Digital Magazines to my titles. 

As a Caribbean born and raised islander, I am the right person to help promote your Caribbean destination, brand, and business, whether that is by invoking feelings of wanderlust with my photos and videos or by taking the reader on journey to your exotic destination with one of my articles.

I am a hard working entrepreneur with an immense passion for sustainable tourism and eco friendly practices in the Caribbean and a driving need to help promote locally owned businesses.

What you need to know

Blog Statistics:
  • monthly blog views: 2,700
  • monthly blog visitors: 1,800
  • Gender: Female 72% / Male 28%
  • Age: 25-34: 20.4% / 35-44: 20.5% / 45-54: 21.2%
Instagram Statistics
  • Followers: 8.1K
  • Engagement rate: 2.59%
  • Avg. likes: 229
  • Avg. Comments: 21.9
  • Followers’ gender: 71%F vs 29%M
  • Follower’s age group: 25 to 44
  • Top countries followers: USA 43% and the Caribbean 16%
Facebook Statistics
  • Followers: 6.8K
  • Followers’ gender: 81%F vs 19M
  • Follower’s age group: 35 to 54
  • Top countries followers: USA 17% and the Caribbean 28%
YouTube Statistics
  • Subscribers: 1.7K
  • Avg. new subscribers monthly: 113
  • Avg. views monthly: 11.2K
  • Total views: 132K
  • Video shares in 2020: 790

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