Hey Friend.

I am Riselle, a 48 year old island girl, who is fascinated with travel and particularly travel in the Caribbean.

Originating from the beautiful island of Curaçao but calling the stunning island of St. Maarten home for the past 22 years, I love sharing everything about my travel experiences and my island life in the hopes that I can help make your travel plans easier and stress-free.

Blogging for me started as a necessary outlet, while I was going through an early midlife crisis at age 40. I was struggling with who I was, what I was I doing with my life and what I have accomplished so far. To read more about that episode in my life, click here.

I became obsessed with travel, more importantly, with responsible travel, sustainable tourism, the Caribbean region in general. And empowering others with stories straight out of my personal life became a healing tool for me. The Traveling Island Girl today is more than just a travel blog. It’s a travel guide, a source of inspiration and a place of empowerment. 

Being a true island girl, avid traveler, animal advocate and eco warrior, I tell my stories through my articles, photos and videos. My YouTube channel keeps growing every single day -thanks to your support- and continues to help thousands of you with travel tips, recommendations and suggestions for every destination I have visited.

Thank you for being here and know that you can always knock on my virtual door for advise and questions by just contacting me.

Don’t forget to Live, love, laugh and travel.