Hello and welcome to the Traveling Island Girl.

I am thrilled to have you visiting my blog. Go on, grab a chair, get comfortable and come away with me as I take you on epic adventures, island hopping, amazing destinations and stunning beaches. Stick around for trip tips, destination advise, island adventures, women’s issues or for just a bit of a laugh.

ST. Maarten's best beaches

The Traveling Island Girl is where I write and ramble about three of my favorite things:

Travel, the Caribbean and the oh, so alluring Island Lifestyle.

My name is Riselle and I’ll be your host, travel guide, trip advisor, hotel reviewer, island adventurer and explorer girl.

St. Maarten's Natural Pool Hike

Hailing from the beautiful Dutch island of Curaçao but basing out of the gorgeous island  of St. Maarten for the past 16 years, I am what you can call an island girl through and through. I strive to share the joys of an island lifestyle and my Caribbean backyard with the world.

I have a bucket list a mile long consisting of different adventures and destinations. I love being a pet mom and try to spend as much time as possible with my husband James and four-legged kids (7 and counting). I am happiest discovering new destinations and cultures or exploring unknown places, always with my camera in hand.

Wynwood Walls

Happily in my forties, it is my self appointed purpose to get women over 35 to travel more, explore more, to go on incredible adventures and to basically put themselves first for a change.

Standing in front of Le Select, St. Barth

Thank you for reading my blog and remember my motto

Live. Laugh. Travel. Always.

XOXO Riselle a.k.a. The Traveling Island Girl