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5 of my favorite Island Cocktails

Who would have thought that having your own bar would be this much fun. Besides meeting new people everyday, and chatting all day long I also get to indulge in my other favorite pastime: drinking. Now, before you look up the closest AA meeting place let me tell you that drinking so happens to be a favorite pastime for most islanders and we look for any excuse to fête. Hurricane coming? Let’s have a pre- and post-hurricane party. Divorced? Divorce party. Your dog died? Happy rainbow bridge crossing party. You get the picture.

When my husband and I started our little bar 4 months ago to go with our guest house we had no clue what all it would entail but so far it has been a fun ride and coming up with interesting cocktails has fast become a hobby of ours. So without too much ado here are 5 of our favorite island cocktails:

5 Places to eat on St. Maarten that you probably didn’t know existed

An island shared by two nations and inhabited by hundreds of different nationalities, is bound to produce an explosion of cultures and not to mention flavors. Aside from being known as the Vegas of the Caribbean for its late night partying, cheap happy hours and amazing night life, tiny St. Maarten has also managed to get another title under its belt: that of Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean. Seems like I might have picked the perfect place to call home after all.