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5 Reasons why Hurricanes SUCK!

Aaaah Summer. The season most people look out to. It’s the time for bikinis and ridiculous crash diets. Time for suntaning and fatuous flirting. To many, summertime symbolizes fun, freedom, romance and passion. For us on St. Maarten however, it is the season we dread the most. Summer means Hurricane Season. And being located smack in the hurricane belt is no fun, I can tell you that.

It’s a Big World out there…….

Wow! My very own first blog.

If you’d stopped me in the street back in the beginning of this year and asked me if I would ever be a blogger I would have probably looked at you with my eyes wide open, a sarcastic but amusing smile on my face and probably mumbled something like “Ain’t nobody got time for that” and continued on with my oh so very interesting, mostly stressful life as a glamorous event planner and small business owner.