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Postcards from DC and Old Town, Alexandria

You already know that my trip to DC last month was amazing and I hope my post “10 Must Do’s in DC and surrounding area”  and the post “Chasing Murals: the DC Edition” helped you with the planning of your next trip to Washington DC. Or perhaps my posts convinced you to stop making excuses and just take the trip. If so, mission accomplished! If not, here are some other photos I took during my visit to Washington DC and Alexandria, Virginia. I’m sure these will do the trick.

10 Must Do’s in Washington DC and Surrounding Area

Let me start by saying that this was my second visit to the US nation’s capital DC and its surrounding area and I still wasn’t able to see it all. It’s just impossible to see everything and take it all in in just a few days. But tried I did.

There are of course the Must-Do’s on everyone’s list, like the US Capitol, the Washington Monument, the museums, the National Mall, the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial to name a few but there is a whole different side of DC (and its surrounding area) and I had the pleasure to see and do a bit more then the last time I was in this wonderful city.