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10 Eco-Friendly Travel Products You Need to Pack Next Time You visit the Caribbean

You cannot tune into a news channel or social media page these days without being confronted with the dire situation mother earth is in. Global warming, polar bears in distress, islands of garbage floating in the ocean, and the list goes on and on. All of this because of humanity’s greed and negligence. While most of us have decided to turn a blind eye to the issue and bury our heads in the sand, there are, fortunately, still a few of us that go the extra mile not to contribute to the disaster. So, to you good doers, zero-wasters and eco-warriors I say Thank You. This blog post is for you.

The Caribbean sees millions of pounds of garbage being dumped at their dumping sites each year. A big part of this garbage comes from the hotels, resorts and bars and restaurants catering mostly to the very tourists the islands are so dependent on. The sad truth is that most of the Caribbean is not about to cut down on plastic any time soon. Single use plastic is being used here at a record high and it is only getting worse. But the good news is, you can help. Here are 10 products I travel with that help me cut back on waste and be a more responsible and conscious traveler.

3 Must-Try Vegan Restaurants in Antwerp, Belgium

One thing I absolutely love about traveling to big cities is the vegan options available. Plant based eating is still somewhat in its infancy in the Caribbean and even though St. Maarten -my home island-has more and more restaurants popping up on both sides of the island every year, offering vegan and plant based dishes, the fact remains that Veganism is not about to win popularity contests in the Caribbean any time soon.

I am lucky to visit the small city of Antwerp in Belgium every year and even though I’ve seen a lot of what the city has to offer, it still surprises me every time how many new experiences I get to have with each visit. This year it was my tastebuds’ turn to be amazed by the city when I made it my mission to eat at as many vegan restaurants as I could. What follows are my top 3 picks of those I had the pleasure of dining at during this trip. A part 2 of this post will undoubtedly follow, since there was just not enough time to visit all of Antwerp’s Vegan eateries.

Airbnb Review – Elements of Aruba

It’s my first morning on the Happy Island and I am sitting on the patio enjoying the morning sounds. There’s a rooster in the distance and a a few houses down a dog barks. Typical sounds of life in the Caribbean. But there is nothing typical about this island. I’m on Aruba and better yet, I am at Elements of Aruba. The realization downs on me and I sit upright and really take notice of my surrounding. It’s a windy day on Aruba and the sound of the breeze triggers happy childhood memories on this very island. Aruba has played a big role n my earlier years and to be back now, almost 30 years later, is fascinating, mind-blowing and overall exciting. The Super Hosts My neighbor, who happens to be my host for the next two days, looks over the partition between their house and the three apartments…

INTRODUCING: My New Responsible Travel Merch

I am pinching myself because I have been thinking hard and long about starting my own line of responsible travel products for those of you who are planning a visit to the Caribbean as well as for my fellow island residents. The requirements were easy enough. The merch must be affordable, Caribbean themed and hella cute. The only setback: How to make it available to the masses.