Review: Winair ArlineOn April 5th, the day after my birthday I took my first flight in a long time with our national airline Winair. I am actually ashamed to admit that the last time I flew with these guys was almost 7 years ago. I guess I did not have much interest in discovering the Caribbean back then. How things change.

On February 8th 2017 I boarded a PAWA Dominicana flight with destination Miami. It was my first experience with this Dominican based airline and I must say it was one of the best flights I’ve taken in a while.

PAWA added St. Maarten to its itinerary back in August 2015 but it isn’t until Curaçao’s Insel Air started leaving passengers stranded all over the Dutch Caribbean, that PAWA really got a boost in popularity. It gave the people from Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten another option and much needed hope that they could now actually get to their destinations.

PAWA now joins my other favorite Caribbean flagged airlines Air Caraïbes and Winair  in my book of most reliable.

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