Hiking up to Nevis' 6 waterfalls

My itinerary while in Nevis was jam-packed with fun and educational activities but none appealed to my inner adventure junkie more than a hike to the 6 waterfalls of Nevis Peak.

St. Maarten's Natural Pool Hike

As a guesthouse owner I make it my duty to make sure all of my guests feel welcome and at home when staying with us.  Every so often someone checks in and it immediately clicks. These are the guests I tend to take under my wing, like a mother goose wanting to show them what a beautiful island I call home. I don’t do it for money, I don’t do it for great reviews, although these are ever so welcome. I do it purely because I love this little rock and want the world to appreciate it as well.

The Back Bay trail is one of those St. Maarten beauties few people know about and fewer even get to experience. Although I am hoping this would change after you read this post. I fell in love with this hike after my neighbors, sweethearts that they are invited me and a friend to go hiking with them a year and a half ago. Yes, you read that right. I’ve only recently discovered this trail myself.

Hike to St. Maarten's natural pool

ROCK FEVER: The hemmed-in, claustrophobic, trapped feeling one gets when you spend too much time on an  island.

The natural impulse is to pack your bags, lock your door, throw out the keys, get on a plane and never look back. Then you remember you have pets to feed, marriage vows you committed to, a job, and other responsibilities. Reality can then feel like an ice cold shower.

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