Summer in the Caribbean

Summer is here and Social media is lit (is this how I’m supposed to use this millennial expression?) with all sorts of posts on how to get that perfect bikini body, how to take that perfect beach photo and which beaches to flaunt that new bikini on. Meanwhile, the rising temperatures and my steadily increasing electric bill because of my air conditioning being on constantly, is indication enough for me that the summer months have arrived.

This is the time when most of us humans travel and the most popular destinations are places that are otherwise too cold to travel to. Hey, I might be a simple island girl but I get it.

But have I got news for you. Come closer. Can you keep a secret?

It’s common knowledge that the Caribbean islands make for the best vacations anytime of the year but did you know that these islands are exceptionally awesome in the summer months?

7 Caribbean Islands on my wish list

You would think that living in the Caribbean gives me the opportunity to visit and explore the other islands in the area frequently. Alas, nothing could be further from the truth. Inter island travel remains quite expensive and besides, my hunger for exploring new destinations, chasing adventures and experiencing other cultures sometimes has me jumping on planes to destinations far from the Caribbean. As an island girl I sometimes get quite desperate for city life, urban noises, the ballet, the opera, things the Caribbean does not offer an abundance of. But no matter how far I travel I always look forward to returning home.

I have always wanted to promote the Caribbean as a destination to those who live on the mainlands as well as inter-island travel for us islanders. It is one of the main reasons why I started this blog. The Caribbean islands are all so diverse. It is this diversity that makes me want to catch a short flight to one of the islands every chance that I get. At the moment I have my eyes set on 7 Caribbean beauties, two of which I am lucky to be visiting this year.

Guadeloupe, an island group in the Southern Caribbean Sea and part of the French territory is my new favorite island in the Caribbean. It’s French, it’s chic and it is Oh La La-Gorgeous. Just the fact that the two main islands together resemble a butterfly should be enough a reason to visit. The group consists of the two larger islands, Basse Terre and Grande Terre and smaller islands Marie Galante and La Désirade as well as some smaller formations off the coast. But for the sake of easy writing (and also because I did not get to explore the smaller islands on this trip) I will refer to the two main islands when speaking of Guadeloupe or “Gwada” like the locals call it.

Perfect despite a few imperfections is how I would describe the Fountain Resort Residences at first sight.  Located in Shoal Bay East, it’s a quaint place that doesn’t have all the usual resort amenities but doesn’t really need them either. Offering one bedroom, two bedrooms or studio accommodations the Fountain is the ideal place to stay for couples, groups and families.

Welcome to Fountain Resort Residences

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