Elton Sint Jago: Islander and World Traveler

His story inspired me, enough so that one day I sent him a message via social media telling him exactly that. After all, we come from the same island of Curaçao, where most people’s travels take them as far as New York City, Miami and the Netherlands. At least, that has been my observation.

I too have always been afraid of stepping outside of my comfort zone. Blame it on my island upbringing. We were told from a very early age never to venture too far from home, not to travel alone, and above all else that the world could be a very mean and dangerous place, especially for little island girls. Perhaps that was only my mom or most island moms. My dad however, made sure to encourage me to see as much of this world as possible. Thank you, dad.

So when I stumbled upon a fellow “Yu di Korsow” (like we Curaçoleneans call ourselves) that has not only talked about wanting to visit far away and exotic lands but has actually done it, I just had to meet him.