Next Destination

October 26th was supposed to be the day for our first Girls Getaway and we were heading to beautiful Anguilla. That is until Irma decided that since she was not invited, nobody would be able to go.

Irma swept over Anguilla and neighboring St. Maarten, leaving severe destruction in her path and thus making our October 26th date impossible to realize. Yet, the islands have shown their remarkable resilience and the re-building is underway.

The new date and place will soon be announced. Please join the Facebook community to stay informed of the new date, destination and details.


Women Empowering Women
The getaway promises to be a fun trip designed to also empower YOU. Inspire and be inspired in our daily in-depth conversations and discussions about increasing social media followers, becoming a successful entrepreneur or small business owner, getting unstuck, networking, making a hobby a career, unleashing your passion, and all in a comfortable and fun setting.

For more information on how you too can participate in this ultimate Tranquility Girls Getaway, send me an email.