In May of 2018 I welcomed a small group to my home island of St. Maarten. I wanted to show these ladies and the world that St. Maarten was and still is as beautiful and fun as always after the destructions cause by Hurricane Irma in 2017. Click here for more on this trip.

Boss Women Retreat SXM

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan is synonymous with latin flavor and to us living on smaller islands, it is a shopping haven filled with great malls and small stores. We sent a full day in a mall and explored Old San Juan on another day.  Watch the recap video here.



“I can truly say it was a wonderful experience.

For those of you who never met The Traveling Island Girl, Riselle, in person, I can reassure you that besides being a fun travel buddy, she is also great at organizing as she thinks on all the little details that make a trip memorable. We stayed in a charming, well equipped AirBnB in Old San Juan that instantly gave us a Spanish homely feeling. Riselle also did a great job putting together an itinerary that was versatile, and fun. At the same time, she let us know from the start that nothing was set in stone and that we could also bring forward our own ideas. We also had some soul searching moments as we did some self reflection and sharing during a brainstorming session, to help us refocus on our goals and aspirations.” – Eudoxia

“I had the most wonderful pleasure of partaking in the Traveling Island Girls Club retreat in November of 2018 to Puerto Rico. It was nothing short of amazing! As a frequent traveller, I hold some expectations of what I might perceive of a new country, whilst also keeping many expectations low. I had never travelled to PR until that trip (I do like to visit at least one or 2 new countries every year) and Riselle-who very thoroughly takes the time to research and visit all designated locales before planning- provided us all with many facts and fun trivia of PR, what is standard, what to expect, as well as what areas are great for certain things and even what areas we ideally needed to avoid. She had a very organized itinerary for each day with all sorts of fun things like shopping; including a free makeover and gift bags!, a personalized Bacardi rum tour at the HQ; walking tours, excellent places to have lunch and dinner and sunset cocktails and much more. We also had one day in which we were free to do what we wanted for a few hours. We also had a few hours of ‘brainstorming’ which was therapeutic.

She booked a lovely and exceptional AirBnb located on a quaint street that was very comfortable with all the basics we needed and our own rooms. She made it clear as well that we were to be connected at all times, and no one would wander off by themselves without notice.

A bonus for me was that this trip corresponded with my birthday and she made sure to make it extra special with all sorts of surprises! It was moving. Loads of photos were taken throughout and as an amateur photographer I loved this part as well.

I frequently travel solo so being with a group of fabulous ladies with this trip was something I had to adjust to; however it came rather easy and they were lovely. Despite some of us wanting to do different things or with many other concerns, Riselle took the time to create fun activities and explain and reassure all as well as compromise where need be. I don’t have all the words to describe Riselle except she is so kind, warm, humble and a salt of the earth type. Not to mention a lot of fun!

The only thing I would have wanted more of is the brainstorming and writing bit as well as more time! I highly recommend her retreats, and personally I can’t wait to go on another this coming year!” Megan