About The Traveling Girls Club

Hey Travel Girl,

How would you like to travel the Caribbean with me? I am so excited to show you some of the islands I have visited and share with you the island life I gush about so often on my blog and social media channels, and the good news is, that now you too can experience it all with me.

The Traveling Girls Club is a side project I started after I myself attended a retreat for island writers in San Juan, Puerto Rico back in June 2017. It was not just the fun we had and the things we got to experience that has now made me start my own travel club. It’s the friendships made with women that were complete strangers to me prior to this trip that has got me gaga for more women’s retreats. Call it a sisterhood of travelers and island lovers, if you will.

I realize we all have to get back to our busy lives taking care of others like we women usually tend to do, so I will keep this introduction short.

What is The Traveling Girls Club?
The Traveling Girls Club is a customized group trip for women over 35 that, like me, want to travel more and go on great island escapes, while getting to know other women with the same interest and spending some well needed “me-time”. See it as a Retreat meets Fun-in-the Sun kind of getaway.

Why should you join the Traveling Girls Club?

  • you are a woman over 35 looking for a fun getaway
  • you like meeting new people and making new friends
  • you understand the benefits of networking
  • you love the Caribbean and the island lifestyle
  • you love to travel
  • you are a fun and adventurous person
  • you are looking to be inspired and empowered
  • you want to learn more about social media and promoting your small business
  • you want advice on how to turn your passion into a business
  • you want to get unstuck
  • you need a break and need to de-stress in a fun environment
  • you like to experience new cultures
  • you like a good time and letting your hair down in a safe and fun environment

Find out where we’re going to next!

Where will the Traveling Girls Club travel to and what does it involve?
The club will be organizing a few getaways a year, mostly to Caribbean island destinations. Each trip will be designed to achieve maximum fun in a safe environment and each will be centered around a different theme, depending on the destination. Although the base will remain the same throughout, one trip may focus on relaxation and de-stressing for example, while others may focus on outdoor activities, shopping or exploring.

How do I participate?
All you have to do is contact me for your application form. You are not required to participate or commit until you are ready. There are no strings attached. The getaways promise to be fun trips designed to also empower YOU.

I hope you join me and others on our next wild adventure. It’s time to make new friends and it starts with just one click.