About The Traveling Girls Club

Welcome to the page dedicated to The Traveling Girls Club. You obviously clicked on the link that got you here out of curiosity but more so because the name attracted you. Now, admit to yourself why it attracted you. Because you too want to travel more, explore more and experience more. Congratulations! Visiting this page is the first step to get you to do just that.

Find out where we’re going next!

The Traveling Girls Club is a customized group tour for women over 35 in need of a break from everyday life and interested in meeting new people. It is meant to get you out of your comfort zone and get you to start traveling and put yourself first for a change, all while enjoying the company of a few other women just like you. The Club is for women who are open to new adventures and possibilities and who need to recover, regain stability and relax, while having a lot of fun. And you get to travel with yours truly.

I plan to do a few trips a year, each trip designed so you could have the most fun in the safest way, while experiencing all the destination itself has to offer. There will be trips to relax, to hike, to explore, to eat and drink, to shop and to indulge. Just imagine you, me and a few other fun fearless females in destinations such as Puerto Rico, Dominica, the BVI’s, Grenada and others .

Don’t wait any longer. Join in on the fun. All you need to do is contact me for your application form. You are not required to participate or commit until you are ready. No strings attached.

I hope you join me and others on our next wild adventure. It’s time to make new friends and it starts with just a click.