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Welcome to The Traveling Island Girl and thank you for your interest. Stay a while, browse, surf and enjoy. My name is Riselle and when I’m not looking for exciting ways to spice up my island life I travel alone or with my husband James, who doubles as my travel buddy.

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About the Traveling Island Girl Blog

The Traveling Island Girl is a blog about travel and life on a Caribbean island. As a 40+ island girl with life long dreams and aspirations of traveling the world and with a bucket list a mile long, I dream of inspiring others to travel more, travel further, chase new experiences, embrace the unknown and enjoy life in general. I am a firm believer that it is never too late to start. Besides, in my experience there is no better time to invest in yourself, broaden your horizons and see as much as possible of this great world we live in, than in your 40’s. Promoting inter-island travel within the Caribbean is my pet project and I intend to dedicate most of my time exploring and experiencing my beautiful fellow Caribbean islands, whenever I am not discovering other parts of the world.


Why you should work with me

My enthusiasm on the different topics I cover is not only evident in every blog post I publish but can also be quite compelling. I am genuinely excited to share my experiences with my readers and the positive feedback I get shows that my readers are interested in what I have to share. Whether I am reviewing a new hotel/resort or travel gear or giving trip tips and travel advise or I am exploring a new destination, I give it my 200%. My opinions are always my own and my posts are based on complete honesty and transparency. I provide quality and unique travel advice, reviews, tips and stories often with a fun twist and from a unique island girl perspective through storytelling, beautiful photos and engaging videos.

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I am committed to providing content of the highest quality while being true to the site’s core values. Therefore, I retain full editorial control over the content of this site.

If you think your brand can benefit from partnering with me, contact me at hello[at]thetravelingislandgirl[dot]com.

I am available for the following:

  • hotel reviews
  • sponsorships
  • partnerships
  • travel writing assignments
  • press trips
  • and social media engagements

The Traveling Island Girl covers topics related to Travel and Island Lifestyle, such as travel advise, trip tips and hacks, reviews on accommodations (with a speciality in locally owned boutique hotels), island adventures and island lifestyle.


The Traveling Island Girl attracts a wide and diverse demographics interested in travel and island life.

Instagram: 1.4K
Facebook: 3.3K

Monthly Views: 2.5K
Caribbean Readers: 26.63%
USA: 34.43%
Other: 38.94%

As a fairly new blog on the block The Traveling Island Girl sees a very steady growth in new views, subscribers and social media engagement.


I am excited to have worked with some interesting partners in my blog’s two year existence and look forward to many more partnerships and collaborations. Let’d do this!

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I am excited to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me at hello(at)thetravelingislandgirl(dot)com to discuss the different ways we can create a mutually beneficial relationship.