They are fun, they are fearless and they are traveling girls. My favorite combo.

Meet 5 of my current favorite chicks to follow on Instagram. It’s not only their incredibly captivating photos, it’s not the places they have been to (even though those are quite impressive) and it is definitely not the amount of likes or followers they have. These fearless females are everything we as women should strive to be: fearless, determined, daring and independent.

They have paved their way to their own happiness and have created beautiful, tell-all social media accounts and websites to show us all how they do it.

Introducing my current top 5 Fun Fearless Female Travelers to follow:

Fun Fearless Females to follow
C’est Christine

I’ve bartended on the beaches of the French Riviera, become a coffee snob in Melbourne, backpacked through Southeast Asia and roadtripped across the USA. Now I live, work and play in New York City.

Name: Christine Ambrose 
Age: 28
P.o.B.: Sacramento, California
Current home base: Brooklyn, New York
Favorite destination: Paris

Christine is one of the first travel bloggers I started to follow when I just got into blogging myself. Her pictures are soft and full of wonder.  She is a travel and lifestyle blogger that can be found exploring her current home of Brooklyn, whenever she is not traveling to exotic destinations. Her pictures of everyday life in the incredible NYC are proof of her immense love for the “City that never sleeps”. Recently engaged and a new pet mom to pug Gertie, Christine’s passion for travel and everyday life in New York City makes her one of my favorite persons to follow  on Instagram, Snapchat and her blog C’est Christine.

Fun Fearless Females to follow

Follow Christine on:
Instagram @cestchristine
facebook @CestChristine
Snapchat @cestchristine
Her blog: C’est Christine


Fun Fearless Females to followThe Blog Abroad

I’m awkward. I’m sassy. And I suck at adulting/flirting/humaning.

Name: Gloria Atanmo
Age: 26
P.o.B.: Hayward, California
Current home base: Phoenix, Arizona
Favorite destination: Cuba....for now

I have been following Gloria on IG for a while but it is only recently that I discovered her on Snapchat and this chick cracks me up. She regularly has me in stitches with her snaps of her antics while abroad. She gives new meaning to the word FUN with Blog post titles such as “10 Countries with the hottest men in the world”. Her sense of style and her awkwardness are darn cute. In 2015 Gloria, a self proclaimed adventure junkie, made the bold move to make her travel blog her full time job. I say bold because it is definitely not as easy as it sounds. She now lives mostly out of her suitcase traveling to every corner of the world, while documenting it all with gorgeous pictures on her IG account and has a book worth checking out.

Fun Fearless Females to follow

Follow Gloria on:
Instagram @glographics
Facebook @TheBlogAbroadOfficial
Snapchat @Gl0 (with a zero at the end)
Her Blog: The Blog Abroad

Fun Fearless Females to follow
Pin the Map Project

When I started The Pin the Map Project, I had nothing more than an unwavering determination to go from a 9 to 5 job in advertising to a full-time career of travel writing.

Name: Nikki Vargas
Age: 29
P.o.B.: Colombia
Current home base: New York City
Favorite destination: Cartagena

Her stories are real and go way beyond the top 10 things to do in a destination. Besides writing about the many très cool places she has visited, she has also written about more controversial topics, such as “the disturbing trend of body editing in travel blogging” and “trading sex for travel”. Nikki has recently been very open about her decision to leave the perceived free life as a freelancer and full time travel blogger. She is now  a travel editor for a super cool website called Culture Trip. Don’t worry she has not given up on her blog The Pin the Map Project (Thank you, baby jesus) and continues to be the travel blogger I have come to love, respect and admire

Fun Fearless Females to follow

Follow Nikki on:
Instagram @pinthemapproject
Facebook @pinthemapproject
Her Blog: The Pin the Map Project

Fun Fearless Female Bloggers
Jetset Sarah

I’m a travel journalist that happens to have a portfolio website, where I post links to my work and original Caribbean and shopping content.


Name: Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
Age: 50
P.o.B.: Kent, England
Current home base: Miami, Florida
Favorite destination: Jamaica, Anguilla and Turks and Caicos

Ah, the lovely Sarah. What can I say? I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah recently and what I can tell you after our really brief meeting is that she’s dedicated to her craft, serious about her work and a complete sweetheart. She may be short in stature but she is one hell of a writer. Technically not a travel blogger but a travel journalist and editor, Sarah travels throughout the Caribbean, sampling not only cocktails but also luxury accommodations amongst other island things. She writes for the the largest website covering the Caribbean, the Caribbean Journal.

Fun Fearless Female Bloggers

Follow Sarah on:
Instagram @jetsetsarah
Facebook @JetSetSarah
Her website: JetSetSarah

Fun Fearless Females to follow
My Life’s a Travel Movie

I truly do aim to inspire others to travel, whether it’s by providing information and travel tips, or showcasing a destination through my photography (a skill I learned through traveling!).


Name: Alyssa Ramos
Age: 28
P.o.B.: Miami (from Cuban descent)
Current home base: LA, California 
Favorite destination: Iceland

She’s not only gorgeous and photogenic AF but Alyssa is also a  very talented self-taught photographer that works extremely hard to be able to live the life she is living. Her IG account is full of amazing travel photos that she takes mostly with the help of her selfie stick, which she still feels embarrassed to use in public. Her photos have been copied by countless others, including yours truly. What I love about Alyssa is that she speaks her mind and tends to tell it like it is. Well, that and the fact that she loves animals almost as much as I do. While going to veterinary school, she decided to travel instead, and dedicates her time to inspiring others to travel the world. Alyssa has visited over 40 countries. Los Angeles is merely where she collects her mail and spends time with her dog, Oscar but this waterfall chaser’s current address is the world. She travels solo to amazing destinations, no matter how rural, is an avid adventure seeker and thus gives true meaning to the words Fun, Fearless and Female.

Fun Fearless Females to follow

Follow Alyssa on:
Instagram @mylifesatravelmovie
Facebook @mylifesamovie
Snapchat @mylifesamovie
Her Blog: My Life’s a Movie

These 5 women are the reason I started doing what I’m doing. The Traveling Island Girl would not exist if it wasn’t for their social media and blogs sharing amazing photos, inspiring stories and love for anything travel. We may all have different backgrounds and reasons why we do what we do. We definitely have different styles and content but the love for travel and the desire to share and inspire is what we have in common.

I hope their fascinating travel tales inspires you to see more of the world. Get our of your comfort zone. Do something that scares you everyday. Be bold. Be Fun and be fearless.

Before you go, there is one more fun, fearless female travel blogger to follow on IG and everywhere else………….

ST. Maarten's best beachesThe Traveling Island Girl

I am happiest discovering new destinations and cultures or exploring unknown places with my camera in hand.

Name: Riselle Celestina-Roidis
Age: 41
P.o.B.: Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean
Current Home base: St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean
Favorite destination: Antwerp, Belgium

Follow Riselle on:
Instagram @thetravelingislandgirl
Facebook @thetravelingislandgirl
Snapchat @trvlislgirl

Ciao for now and until my next blog post.

Remember to always Live, Laugh and Travel.

<3 Riselle a.k.a. The Traveling Island Girl




    • It was a true honor. Love your writing and love your IG posts. You’re a true inspiration.

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