What a strange new world we find ourselves in. Words like mandatory self quarantine, self isolation, social distancing, and let’s not forget the one word that got us using all of these new words to begin with, COVID-19, have all become part of our daily vocabulary.

This feels somewhat  like post-hurricane but with a roof,  running water, electricity and most importantly, the internet.

Just a few months ago we were posting memes about how excited we were to welcome the next Roaring 20’s. Everyone was looking forward to a better year than shitty 2019. The new 20’s was gonna be filled with everything good of the 1920’s, or so we thought. Who knew the universe was actually listening and in the mood for granting wishes? Only, the universe got it wrong, so effing wrong. So, instead of the Gatsby like parties we got the urban plague epidemic of the new century and instead of the economic boom, we’re about to experience this decade’s global economic collapse, according to the experts.

But this post is not meant to alarm you but rather keep you positive during all this ugly. For now we are just stuck in our homes trying not to die of boredom.

Let’s keep things light and try our utmost to not lose our cool in this cesspool of daily bad news. I present to you: 10 ways you can defy boredom during self isolation.

No boredom during self isolation

1. Read blogs

Start with mine and work your way to other great blogs 😉

Blogs are awesome, says I, a blogger. Why are blogs so awesome? I’m glad you asked. Blogs can educate, entertain and xxx. Most blogs are written by everyday people like you and me, who just happen to know how to write a proper sentence or two and who can tell you about their experiences, hopes and dreams. You sometimes totally identify with the writer and before you know it you have found a new home page. In a nutshell, a blog is more personal, there’s an actual human behind it, with real feelings and experiences. There is a blog out there for everyone. Whether you’re an apocalypse junkie, a travel fanatic or a hoarder, chances are there is a blog or blogs out there for you.

While we’re on the topic of blogs, why not start your own? If you were always thinking of starting your own blog, the perfect time is now. Come on, it’s not like you have shitload of stuff on your plate right now, do you?

2. Plan your next trip

I know, I know, travel is the furthest on everyone’s mind at the moment. Everyone except for mine. I live to travel and I travel to live. There is no way I will ever stop thinking about or planning for my next trip, wherever in the world that might be.

Caribbean Guides

Fact is, travel planning on its own is quite entertaining. There is something very calming in finding that perfect accommodation to go with that perfect itinerary. It’s like a big puzzle that begs to be solved. How do I get to from A to B, without using X amount of dollars, while staying in B and B’s?

3. learn a new skill

No disrespect to our educators but Youtube (and blogs) is my go to for learning new skills. Right now I find myself learning to fly. Fly a drone that is. I already watched the video on how to put it together, them I watched the video on how to fly it. Next is the video on how to create great content with it. In the meantime I am stuck at Video number two. These suckers are harder to fly than I thought. Note to self: Do NOT try to grab a drone mid flight.

So, as I type this blog post with multiple bandaged fingers, I urge you to watch a how-to video on youtube for whatever new skill you want to learn. Maybe you’ve always want to be a painter, maybe you wanted to learn yoga, or shag dancing. Whatever new skill you want to learn, I bet there’s a how-to video out there. Especially now that we are all stuck at home, there are many educators or professionals who have taken to youtube to teach what they’re good at. Best of all: it’s all free!

4. Try out new Recipes

I have become quite the Caribbean Martha Stewart since this self isolation started. If only I could learn not to burn stuff while at it.

In all seriousness though, this is the time to try out that recipe you’ve always wanted to try but had no time for. Or perhaps you always wanted to make a vegan dish but didn’t know how. What about that complicated paella recipe you’ve always wanted to impress your family with? Now is the time cause let’s face it, we all find ourselves wth a little more time on our hands than usual.

If you are thinking of trying out plant based dishes: Check out my two blog posts on vegan/plant based lifestyle here and here.

5. Dance it out

Exercise lets out endorphins, the feel good hormone. But since I have a huge dislike for exercising I opted to instead dance a few grams away a day with my daily dance-a-ton. Just me and my pets dancing around the living room. It’s easy, there is no choreography (unless if you wanted one and if so there are plenty on Youtube) and you really get to sweat the shit out of your anxiety. Just put on your favorite song, hike up the volume and dance away your worries. You don’t need to be a professional dancer, you can resemble a worm coming out of a pile of steaming sh*it for all I care, as long as you have fun (and sweat) while doing it.

6. Foster a pet

Speaking of pets… They are not only great dance partners, they are amazing listeners. Don’t have a pet? No problem. There are plenty at the shelter, waiting desperately for a new home, even of it is a temporary one.

No boredom during self isolation
This is my actual foster baby Luke. He has since been adopted by a beautiful family.

Remember that excuse you always had when someone asked you to foster or adopt a pet: “I’m never home, it would be so sad for the little guy”,  Yeah, that excuse doesn’t hold any validation now. Besides, thanks to some idiot with too much time on his/her hand, there is a totally scary and totally fake rumor going around that pets can spread the coronavirus. Fluffy and his friends are now being dumped at the pound or shelter, resulting in a bigger problem we had before dimwit decided to spread fake shit on social media and that is the problem of overcrowded shelters.

Do yourself and the overcrowded shelter in your neighborhood a favor FOSTER A PET!

7. Shop local

Big corporations are shedding jobs like yesterday’s clothes. Now is the time to support local businesses. Keep that neighborhood grocery store open by shopping there or buy gift certificates to cash in later at the local store.  Remember this nightmare will end some day and it will be good to know that your local business is still standing and better yet, that you helped keep it in business.

8. Help thy older neighbor

We all have that neighbor or family  ember or friend of a friend who is up there in age. Reach out (without actually touching them ) and see how you can help them with their groceries, bank and pharmacy run or with Fido’s daily walk.

Help them be more comfortable with staying indoors by taking care of all the outdoor errands they normally have to take care of. Remember that they are more at risk of getting this virus and that tis virus could really hurt them. Protect the elderly.

9. Virtual Happy Hour

One of my favorite trending Must-Do in this Corinavirus time is the Virtual Happy Hour. This is how you keep sane during this mandatory quarantine business. Get together with your friends to gossip and sip on wine without actually leaving your home. It’s brilliant and I am so sorry I stopped doing this with my friends after I had moved back to the Caribbean. The other great thing about Virtual happy hour is that everyone gets to drink since there is no need for a designated driver. Happy times are head.

No boredom during self isolation

10. Clean your house

Nobody cleans better than a bored woman. or di I get that all wrong? This is the time for a thorough spring cleaning of your home. Give everything away that you haven’t used in the last two months or longer to the local salvation army or red cross. A cleaner, less cluttered house helps with the flow of energy and creativity. Not bad for a week’s work (yeah, that’s how badly my house is in need of spring cleaning right now)

What would you add to this list?Signature The Traveling Island Girl


  1. Shubha Tiwari Reply

    Hi Riselle,

    Very nice and motivating article🤗. You mentioned all points which if followed will give us some taste of entertainment in this worldwide corona outbreak. I am also a woman blogger from India, got to know about you through feedspot list of top 100 woman blog. My blog is also featured there(justwomenworld.com at number 46). Feeling fantastic to connected with you through blogging platform. Stay blessed, take care.

    Shubha Tiwari(India)

    • Riselle Reply

      Thank you for reaching out. I will definitely check out your blog.

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